5 incredible winter destinations for travel nurses

Winter is an exciting time for travel nurses. At this time of year, each area grows rich with seasonal recreational activities, picturesque scenic views, and climates of all kinds. Whether you prefer warmer climates or you live for a White Christmas, there is something for everyone. The variety is such that it may be hard to choose where you will sign your next travel nurse contract. To help you choose the right place for you, this article will go over the best travel nurse winter destinations.


The Grand Canyon state is a sight to behold, this time of year. Though notorious for its scorching temperatures, Arizona temperatures reach around 55°F in the wintertime. Between the striking red rock formations of Sedona, the mountainous cacti-laden tracks of Saguaro National Park, and the stunning view of the winter-dusted Grand Canyon, at this time of year, travel nurses will find no shortage of challenging scenic biking trails. If you do not care for long walks along rugged trails, then simply book yourself in some of the best resort spas in the country. There are even cold weather areas where you can partake in classic winter activities like skiing. However, there is no doubt that Arizona is the perfect place for an active nurse who prefers the weather on the warmer side. There is also no shortage of world-class facilities, primarily in the city of Phoenix. Mayo Clinic stands out as the top-ranked facility in the state, while two and three can also be found in Phoenix.

New York

New York is the perfect place for HCPs who live for a White Christmas. Across the entire state, temperatures drop as low as 7°F to 40°F, depending on where you go. Most people are well aware of the bright lights and stunning sights of places like Manhattan and Broadway. There are plenty of worthwhile sites outside the Big Apple, however. Sports fans may want to drop by Cooperstown to visit the National Baseball Hall of Fame. The Adirondacks, Catskills, and Chautauqua County are also fabulous winter getaway destinations. Enjoy seasonal sports like skiing, ice skating, and snowboarding, cozy bed and breakfast inns, and stunning winter mountainside views. NYC also provides a host of unique professional opportunities, as its top 5 facilities are nationally ranked in numerous categories. While you are working, gain experience and knowledge with some of the brightest minds and highest-end facilities in the country.


CO’s mile-high altitude and mountainous terrain provide the perfect backdrop for classic winter activities. Despite the winter weather, daily high temperatures during this season regularly hover below 53°F. It drops below -7°F at night, but the winter Colorado experience in the day is a wonderful mix of sunny skies and snow-capped peaks. This proves to be the perfect weather for activities like skiing, snowshoeing, and snowmobiling. Between Viceroy Snowmass, Sonnelap Hotel, and Park Hyatt Beaver Creek, you will not be at a loss for world-class winter resorts. For nurses who want to immerse themselves in the culture, Denver alone is rich with fascinating exhibits hosted in sites like the Denver Art Museum and History Colorado Center, a rich local brewery scene, and a passionate sports culture that is raucous at this time of year. Colorado is not lacking in world-class facilities, either. In particular, UC Health University of Colorado Hospital ranks number one in the state and is nationally ranked in at least 5 specialties and 16 procedures/conditions, according to USNews.


If winter is not for you, then you may want to consider taking your nursing talents to South Beach. Through the winter season, Florida’s temperatures hover more at the 70°F and 80°F range. If you want summer fun at Christmas time, it does not get better than this. The state is rich with gorgeous beaches where you can swim, soak and tan to your heart’s content. Amusement parks like Disneyland are open all year round, but there is rarely a better time to go enjoy a depth-defying ride through Space Mountain. If you want to be more deliberate about your time, take a trip down the diverse pieces of the Lowe Museum or the diverse aquatic wildlife found at Key West Aquarium. Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville currently ranks as the best in the state, as it is nationally ranked in 7 different specialties.


Down south, Texas is rich with several personal and professional opportunities. Like Florida, it is perfect for the warm-weather nurse who can do without the winter activities. Do note, however, that while daily high temperatures range around 59°F, it is common for the temperature to drop below freezing temperatures at night. As long as you are prepared for that, Lone Star State has much to offer you. Between its rich music and nightlife scene, Austin is the perfect getaway for the modern working adult. Both the San Antonio River Walk and Corpus Christi Beach come alive on Christmas nights, with bright and intricate decorations that illuminate their paths. For a different experience, Texas Hill Country offers the orange and auburn shades of fall well into the winter season. This but scratches the surface as to what you can do in Texas, at this time of year. Working in Texas is also a lucrative experience, as it is one of the bigger markets for travel nurses. Depending on your contract, you may earn up to $4,364 per week if you take the right shifts.