Providing the best career opportunities for healthcare professionals


We fight for you

We believe in empowering you as a healthcare professional to make informed decisions. While you are on the job search, our Nurse Champions will secure you the best pay rates and hours around. Their commitment to your success enables you to navigate the job market with confidence and achieve your professional aspirations.

We also provide excess hour pay in the form of hourly differential or 1.5x over 8hrs/day or over 40hrs/week (depending on the facility).

We promise personal
care and attention

You work hard to be at the frontlines and serve patients. Your commitment to patient care is commendable, and we are committed to providing you with the necessary assistance and information to navigate your role effectively.

We want you happy

Partner with us and discover a new level of convenience and empowerment in finding opportunities either per diem of full time shifts that suit your lifestyle and preferences. You deserve the support, flexibility, and opportunities that enable you to thrive in your career while maintaining a fulfilling personal life

Become part of VitaWerk's Healthcare Staffing & Marketplace Platform. Find the best per diem nursing jobs and get rewarded with us!

Who are your Nurse Champions?

At Vitawerks, our Nurse Champions serve as both your allies and dedicated career partners!

You will be thoughtfully matched with one of our exceptional Nurse Champions, who will work with you to pursue the most optimal opportunities, either per diem or full time, available.

Our Nurse Champions are dedicated experts with experience in the healthcare industry, allowing them to empathize and relate to the challenges you face as a professional. They aim to give unparalleled support and assistance throughout your journey.

Earn Rewards as you work with us

Every shift completed

The more shifts you complete, the more vCoins you earn. Every 10 shifts makes you 50 vCoins.

50 vCoins =$50

Every colleague referred

We are always looking for great HCPs to join our team. Earn 50 vCoins after every referral has completed 3 shifts

50 vCoins =$50

Every facility referred

Our customer base is constantly growing. Earn 50 vCoins after every referred facility has completed 3 shifts

50 vCoins =$50