HCP of the Month July 2023 – Karla

Each day, countless outstanding healthcare professionals sign up on our platform. Their skills and knowledge are only matched by their fortitude and strength of character. Some of these gems shine so bright, that their story must be shared. That is why we recognize outstanding HCPs each month, in recognition of their accomplishments as well as the contributions of every healthcare professional that picks up shifts using our mobile platform.  

This month, we are proud to name Karla as the HCP of the Month. Talk to anyone she has ever worked with, and you will only hear the highest praise. As a Certified Nursing Assistant, her time management, bedside care, and poise under pressure has been praised by her peers. 

Regardless of the situation, she maintains a positive attitude, while seeking quick and efficient solutions to the problems presented to her. “She has done a great job,” one facility manager shared with VitaWerks. “We appreciate her hard work and dedication. She rarely cancels (if at all) and all our residents love her.”

Karla truly goes above and beyond to provide the best possible care to patients in need. Her passion to help others encourages her to continue working as a CNA despite the lengthy shifts.  “Seeing patients’ health improve over time really pushes me forward,” she told us.” More than anything I want to help them reach a point where they can return home safely and securely. They deserve to rest and recover with their friends, family and loved ones.” 

VitaWerks was founded with a simple goal in mind: to assist and empower the wonderful healthcare professionals that keep our communities healthy and safe. To assist outstanding HCPs like Karla, our team works tirelessly to provide them with the finest possible matchmaking services through our mobile booking platform. We accept nothing less than the greatest rates, the best gigs, and the best healthcare facilities in your area. It is the least we can do for all that Karla and many other HCPs do.

“VitaWerks has been a great way to book shifts,” Karla shared with us. “I have the luxury of booking shifts ahead of time, so I can better achieve work life balance. The communication is great, and I can get in touch with the support team at any time of the day, or day of the week. It is a very supportive environment that helps me stay productive as a CNA.” 

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