How HCPs Can Still Look Good in Scrubs

You may be tempted to say that looking fashionable has no tangible benefits, but that is not telling the truth. Looking good (while still complying with the facility dress code) can provide a much-needed boost in self-image. This can help you perform your clinical tasks with the confidence and positivity needed of healthcare professionals at the highest level, beyond all that, dressing well just feels nice. In a line of professions that can get hectic and stressful, these comforts and allowances can go a long way.

On the face of it, HCPs are not working with much. Most of them usually wear similar scrubs, and have to comply with a strict dress code. Even within these boundaries, there is room for improvement and self-expression. Before you pick up your next set of scrubs, consider these 4 fashion-forward tips.

Get an Outfit That Compliments Your Frame

You do not want a baggy set of scrubs, but you also do not want an overly tight, ill-fitting pair. You want scrubs that compliment your form while fitting comfortably. It starts with finding the right size. Find your three measurements (bust, waist, hips) in centimetres and inches before you go out clothes shopping. That way, you can ensure that whatever you buy fits you perfectly. You also want to find outfits that specifically compliment your form. Some people look better in v-necks, while others should pass. HCPs with hourglass figures, for example, should find scrubs that accentuate your natural curves without being too provocative. These are just a couple of examples of what to consider when you are looking for scrubs.

Find High-Quality Fabrics

This tip blends considerations for form and function. More than anything, you want high-quality fabrics that look good, while being comfortable to wear and durable enough for the machine wash. A stylish set of scrubs is not much use if it feels tight in places or gets easily damaged in the dryer. Cotton is breathable and comfortable, while rayon, spandex and polyester are wrinkle-resistant and highly durable. A lot of the best scrubs use some combination of these fabrics. If you are shopping online, you can look at the fabric blend on the item listing, and check reviews or ratings to confirm their quality.

Accessorize Within Reason

In most cases, gaudy and overly intricate accessories are frowned upon in healthcare settings. Not only are they distracting, but intricate necklaces or jewelry can cause problems in the workplace, while they dangle above sensitive medical equipment or snag at your outfit. That being said, you can still accentuate your outfit while complying with the dress code. A lovely undershrub or a facility-approved jacket that compliments the colors of your outfit is entirely acceptable and welcome. A nice pair of shoes can tie the outfit together and provide a ton of utility. Seeing as HCP work is mainly done on your feet, a nice pair of shoes eases the burden and can make things that much easier for you.

Find the Right Colors for You

Do not be afraid to experiment with scrub’s colors. Certain people look better in different colors, depending on their skin tone, the aesthetic they are aiming for, and their other items of apparel. For example: people with darker skin tones can look better in brighter pastel colors like blue or royal purple, but more washed-out tones are better avoided. That being said, this is not a universal rule and some people may disagree. Feel free to experiment with different colors to see what works best for you. You can even consult your more fashion-forward friends for feedback, as you explore the different spectrums of the color wheel. Even when you have found a handful of colors that suit you, do not be afraid to experiment even more.

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