Nursing and Healthcare Trends for 2023

The healthcare industry is continuously shifting, as we speak. The pandemic had already accelerated the adoption of cutting-edge healthcare technologies, which was already well underway. Nurse-patient dynamics and hospital operations are not what they were even three years ago. Nevertheless, nurses owe it to themselves to keep track of all the changing trends and shifts in the market. HCPs have to stay updated and on-their-toes if they want to stay in this line of work. Lucky for you, this article is here to break down a couple of the most important US healthcare trends heading into 2023. 

Telehealth will continue to surge

At the height of pandemic restrictions, it was a natural solution for patients who needed health consultation but could not go outside. Telehealth allows patients to get examinations, diagnosis results or prescriptions through video chat, text or email. Even with pandemic restrictions dying down, telehealth will continue to be one of the major trends in the healthcare industry. Not only is the telehealth industry valued at around 83.5 billion USD, it also has a 24% projected compound annual growth rate between 2020 and 2030. Autoimmune, incapacitated, or otherwise busy patients will ensure that demand remains high in the coming years.

Hospitals will scramble to retain staff 

It is estimated that hospitals will need 200,000 new nurses every year until 2030. Clearly, the current nursing shortage will not go away anytime soon. Burnout and overwork are driving nurses away by the thousands, as they leave the industry to seek work in less stressful environments. In response, initiatives like mental health seminars will be among the biggest US healthcare trends in 2023. The discussion surrounding burnout has placed nursing mental health into the forefront, and many facilities are taking note. With nursing leaders proposing “creative and innovative solutions” to current issues, HCPs will want to examine how hospitals go about improving their staff retention. 

Per diem nursing is here to stay

Per diem nursing solutions such as travel nurse agencies are one of the biggest current healthcare trends, as a response to the nursing shortage. It allowed nurses to scale their operations and bring in as many qualified HCPs as possible, for the current level of demand. Nurses also benefit from the ability to choose shifts at their own discretion, which gives them career flexibility and diverse experiences that are not afforded in full time slots. If they use VitaWerks, they can even maximize their earning potential even further with AI-based matchmaking that instantly pairs them with the highest-paying facilities in their area .With the way the market stands now, it is clear that per diem nursing is here to stay. Market evaluations project that the per diem nursing industry will reach 11.1 billion USD by 2028.