Top Online Nurse Practitioner Programs 2024

Top Online Nurse Practitioner Programs 2024

Nurse practitioners have gained prominence over the last couple of years. The comprehensive care services they provide have only increased in demand, especially as an alternative to physician consultation. Becoming a nurse practitioner is a huge investment that requires years of education, and unsurprisingly, the programs themselves can be rather expensive. Though they still are not cheap, online NP programs have risen in popularity as a more cost-effective way to receive your education.

You still want to pick the best and most quality online education, to best prepare you for the rigors of NP work. This article lists the most reputable and highly sought after online NP programs. Though not every quality online NP class is listed, browsing this list will help you get started on your NP journey.

  • Georgetown University – Georgetown’s School of Nursing is generally highly regarded, and its NP courses are no exception. Students can enroll for a world-class Family Nurse Practitioner online class that blends online lectures with in-person laboratory work and clinical rotations.
  • Vanderbilt University – As one of Tennessee’s most prestigious schools, it is no surprise that Vanderbilt’s School of Nursing is held in such high regard. More specifically, they offer an online Adult-Gerontology NP program for students who want to specialize in that line of work.
  • University of Cincinnati – Cincinnati possesses some of the most highly regarded healthcare facilities in the world and their college offerings are just as strong. UC’s online Nurse Practitioner course ranks among the best in the world, and users have the option to specialize in a number of different tracks like Family NP.
  • Johns Hopkins University – John Hopkins is well received for its strong healthcare courses in general. Now they offer several different online NP courses that cater to various different specializations, which you can pick based on your priorities.
  • University of South Carolina – The Tar Heels have more to offer than one of the best basketball programs in the country. Their Nurse Practitioner offerings are not only world-class, but students can choose from a variety of different specializations. This includes Family NP and Psychiatric-Mental Health NP.
  • Ohio State University – The OSU’s storied College of Nursing department offers online lessons. For nurses who aspire to become Family NPs, the OSU’s College of Nursing has a proven track record of excellence and quality across the board.
  • University of Alabama- Alabama’s online Masters Nursing offerings are tied for 2nd best in the nation, according to US News. Not only are the programs world-class, but students have the leisure of acquiring recordings of lectures and accessing them at their convenience.
  • University of Michigan – The oldest university in Michigan remains one of the most respected educational institutions in the country. Their Adult Gerontology Acute Care NP online course will equip you with the knowledge and training needed to thrive in these fields.
  • Duke University – Duke’s medical department is easily one of the most well regarded offerings in the country, and their online NP offering is no exception. Students can choose from a number of specialized NP tracks to guide their learning towards their desired field of choice.

What is the best NP program for me?

There is no “one-size fits all” NP program that best suits everyone. Is location a consideration for you? Do you have a budget limitation? And ultimately, where do you want your career to be in the next few years. These are considerations you must weigh, before you choose your desired NP track. You can also consult with your co-workers, or friends in the industry. NPs in particular will provide you with the insight you need to make the right decision. As long as you research thoroughly, and exercise self-reflection, you will find the online NP program that best suits your ambitions and current needs .

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