Why You Should Use A Nurse Staffing Platform

Why You Should Use A Nurse Staffing Platform

Although we are years removed from the height of the pandemic, facilities in the US are still working to fill vacancies. The nursing shortage is not expected to slow down anytime soon, and some areas of the country will be more affected than others. At this time, it is crucial for hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare institutions to look towards alternative staffing solutions. Temporary staffing (or per diem staffing) has gained major prominence as a perfect stopgap solution for facilities caught in this issue. Of particular note is nurse staffing platforms, which provide the fastest and most convenient kind of temporary staffing.

How exactly can these solutions help your facility? This article will explain all this and more.

What is temporary staffing?

“Bringing in more full time nurses” is not always a feasible solution to every healthcare shortage. Other than the obvious, demand in healthcare can be dynamic and fluid. Outbreaks, seasonal flus, or sudden mass injuries can sharply spike the number of patients a hospital admits, compared to their regular operations. In the short term, this can leave staff overworked and overstretched. If you do bring in more full time nurses, however, you run the risk of overstaffing once the spike in demand dies down. This causes facilities to incur redundant labor costs, and can severely damage their bottom line.

This is why facilities turn to temporary staffing solutions. Nurse staffing agencies and staffing platforms allow them to sign healthcare providers (HCPs) across all levels, on a temporary basis. This allows them to dynamically adopt their workforce, according to their current staffing needs. If done correctly, they will only pay for labor services they actually need. 

What are the advantages of nurse staffing platforms?

Even among staffing solutions, nurse staffing platforms stand out. Apps like VitaWerks have made the temporary staffing process quicker and more convenient than ever before, without sacrificing on efficiency or thoroughness. In case you need convincing, these are the key pros to adopting nurse staffing platforms for your temporary staffing needs:

Speed and efficiency

Day-to-day healthcare operations can be hectic and unpredictable. You may end up losing key staff thanks to paid leave, unforeseen sickness, or a surprise resignation. In this situation, you need to fill in vacancies as quickly as possible. Apps like VitaWerks use AI-based matchmaking and an extensive database of qualified HCPs to find you the assistance you need, at short notice. Get matched in a matter of hours, and fill gaps in your staff with the best temporary nurses in your area.

Unmatched convenience

We have worked to provide the most convenient one-touch staffing platform in the market. The one-touch UI interface allows you to intuitively navigate through the app, and find whatever you need instantly. Search for HCPs by location, access their profiles and relevant documentation without any hassle or delay. VitaWerks is committed to making the staffing process more pleasant and easy-to-approach than it has ever been.

The best HCPs in your area

None of this speed or convenience is at the expense of quality. All the HCPs we bring into VitaWerks are thoroughly vetted and screened, to ensure that they meet our high standards. We assure you that when you book a VitaWerks HCP, you are linking with a professional whose commitment to their craft is only matched by their medical knowledge and expertise. For you, we settle for nothing less than the best.

24/7 customer support

Maybe you have run into a technical problem with the VitaWerks application. It is also possible that there may be a complication or conflict, regarding current shift bookings. This is why VitaWerks provides round-the-clock customer support, every day of the week. Our nurse champions work tirelessly to resolve any problems you have as soon as possible. With boundless nursing and technical expertise, they have you covered for any support questions or inquiries.

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