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In many ways, the Central Valley nurtures not only California but America as a whole. The region is famously known as one of the largest depressions in the entire world. Sediment eroded down the mountains, which gave the valley incredibly nutritious soil. Both its geography and climate make it the perfect place to grow and cultivate crops. Indeed, agriculture accounts for the bulk of its industry. The crops that come out of this region account for up to 8 per cent of the produce consumed across the nation. Farming in this region has become a massive billion-dollar industry.

Between its various hospitals and healthcare facilities, the Central Valley also serves as a bed for open nursing shifts. Not all of them are created equally, however. If you want the best shifts at the highest rates that the Valley has to offer, book with VitaWerks today!

Central Valley’s VitaHeroes can expect the following boons…

Open shifts in the region’s most lauded hospitals, long-term care centers, and medical facilities.

Rates that exceed the Central Valley median.

More flexibility about work schedules.

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Serving Central Valley, CA, and beyond.

Nurses, nursing assistants and HCPs in general deserve the best, no matter where they work. VitaWerks offers AI matchmaking and staffing services not only in San Diego County but across the entire state. Within the county itself, you can start booking shifts at these notable places:
  • Bakersfield
  • Delano
  • Fresno
  • Jackson
  • Lodi
  • Madera
  • Merced
  • Modesto
  • Newman
  • Reedley
  • San Andreas
  • Sonora
  • Stockton
  • Tracy

The Vitawerks Difference

The nursing shortage is an issue that extends beyond the Valley’s well-irrigated confines. California is uniquely the only state with staffing ratios that are mandated by law. Despite this, hospitals are still combating HCP vacancies. The pandemic increased the level of workplace stress and anxiety experienced by healthcare professionals around the world. Even in the post-pandemic, HCPs are still leaving the industry at concerning levels. If nothing is done about this, then the outlook for healthcare soon becomes bleak

VitaWerks is not content with letting this pass. We know that we are doing our part in stemming the tide of HCP resignations. With our platform, we are giving nurses more options and opportunities. They can enjoy the time and freedom to care for themselves, without compromising on their earning potential in the slightest. This is what they deserve, for how much they have sacrificed to protect our communities’ health.

If you are an HCP who welcomes these opportunities, then VitaWerks would gladly accept you! Just log in to our official VitaWerks app on your phone. You can browse through the list of available shifts and take advantage of filters according to your preferences. After this, you can start booking shifts and setting your schedule far in advance.

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