DAISY Foundation Unveils New Ethics Award

Even today, ethics in nursing is a multilayered and complex issue. Handling end-of-life care, the burnout and distress caused by long shifts, and working around costly medical errors are just a few of the problems that may be faced in a clinical setting. The DAISY Foundation has recognized the difficulty of navigating such issues, and has revealed an award that celebrates nurses who successfully do so. 

In partnership with the American Nurses Association (ANA), the “DAISY Award for Nursing Ethics.” will be given to nurses and nurse leaders who upheld ethical standards and “human values” in their practice and approach to leadership. 

The award criteria will be in line with the ANA’s pre-existing code of ethics in nursing. For the uninitiated, this document is a “guide” that defines the standards of ethical practice that all nurses in the country are expected to observe. 

Within this framework, nurses can make informed, guided decisions with the goal of improving a patient’s quality of care. They will also be held accountable for all their professional decisions, good or bad. 

Without a moral foundation, patients would not entrust their safety and sensitive information to nurses and facilities. The healthcare industry is built off of these principles of ethics in nursing. This is why the DAISY Ethics award is so important– it honors the brave healthcare professionals who observe ethical conduct, no matter how difficult or complex the situation becomes.