HCP of the Month August 2022 – Naomi T

VitaWerks hosts thousands of HCPs. We are blessed to provide our partnered facilities with a database filled with the best, most principled healthcare professionals in the entire country. Words alone cannot express how grateful we are to the HCPs who have joined our app and made VitaWerks what it is today. That is why, every month, we shine a spotlight on the extraordinary stories of some of the HCPs that have worked with us. This is a celebration of not only the individual but every single HCP we have been blessed to work with.

This time, we are thrilled to name Naomi as our HCP of the Month! Without a doubt, she embodies the idea of “going above and beyond.” She dedicates no less than 100% percent of her efforts to both her patients and the facility she is staffed at. Regardless of how long the hours are or how demanding the labor gets, this passion remains a constant. With totally perfect attendance across her previous facilities, you know she will be on time when you schedule her.

Talk to any patients, co-workers, or supervisors, and you will only hear the most glowing praise for Naomi. In particular, a supervisor from one of our partnered facilities labeled her as an “empathetic caregiver with a cheerful disposition.” Regardless of who she was assigned to o where she went out of her way to ensure that a patient’s needs were met. This kindness even extended to patients that were not even assigned to her. Naomi knows that healthcare as a profession extends beyond textbook knowledge or following orders, by the letter.

It is also a job that requires much patience and empathy, to connect with patients and aid them in their healing process. To that end, she engages with patients and patient families on a deeper level. She talks with them, listens to their inquiries, and follows up on their requests.

Naomi started working with us last June and she has not looked back since. We have been happy to provide her with the best service available. Given what she has contributed up to this point, it only seems fair. “(VitaWerks) has always been so kind, reliable, and helpful in any situation,“ she praised. Providing nurses like her with these professional opportunities is why we founded our business in the first place. Nurses like Naomi truly make the healthcare industry a better, more caring place.