HCP of the Month December 2021 – Claire M

VitaWerks proudly hosts the finest HCPs in the entire United States. Their skills, character, and compassion are unmatched in the healthcare world. Words alone can barely express how grateful we are for the services they provide to the community at large. Every month, we take the opportunity to celebrate the outstanding individuals who make VitaWerks the best healthcare staffing platform in the entire market.

This month, we are beyond proud to name Claire (AKA Gabriel) M as our HCP of the Month. He started his journey with VitaWerks as recently as last May. Within that time, Gabriel M has become a regular at one of our partnered facilities, and he has not looked back since. Whether you are talking to patients or supervisors, everyone will tell you that he is easy to work with, extremely reliable, and unabashedly devoted to his craft.

“Gabriel has been an absolute joy to work with. He is always so reliable and very diligent” shared a supervisor at one of our partnered facilities. “Without fail, he always makes sure that all his patients are well taken care of. He is very helpful and his patients are very happy with him.”

Outside of work, Gabriel enjoys nothing more than spending quality time with his fancy pet pigeons. In his free time, you will find him raising them both as pets and as therapy animals. “Some people do not understand just how amazing pigeons are,” he shared with us. “Pigeons make amazing pets. They are just so low maintenance and incredibly easy to train, as well.” His bird expertise does not stop at just pigeons either. At the time of writing, Gabriel is the proud owner of seven pigeons, three Japanese quills, and one lovebird.

Even in his free time, Gabriel is always considering how he can help others. Compassionate and driven HCPs are the lifeblood of the healthcare community. Their very presence can energize everyone around them, from the patients they are treating to their fellow HCPs. VitaWerks is committed to providing these healthcare heroes with the highest quality staffing services and the best rates available in their area. Luckily, Gabriel is also thankful to VitaWerks, for the opportunity given to him to help others. Even in the middle of a challenging and brutal pandemic, he would rather be in the frontlines than sit on the sidelines. In his own words, assisting with and seeing COVID patients recover is “the best feeling in the world”