HCP of the Month December 2022 – Tony

We all owe a great deal to the HCPs who labor to preserve everyone’s health and safety. Sadly, healthcare workers can be a difficult and sometimes thankless endeavor. A concerning number of HCP workers, across all levels, feel undermined or underappreciated. To combat this, VitaWerks highlights an exceptional HCP every month, to celebrate their various contributions to healthcare and their communities.

This December, VitaWerks is proud to name Tony as our HCP of the Month! At just 20 years of age and 1 year of CNA experience, he has already left a strong impression on everyone he has worked with. Our various partnered facilities have praised his work ethic and positive attitude. With his poise and skill as a CNA, it is almost impossible to believe that his HCP journey has only begun.

This positivity pervades every aspect of Tony’s life. When he is off the clock, you can count on finding him at a club or restaurant. He loves nothing more than spending a night out on the town with his friends, singing and dancing to all their favorite songs. Be sure to bring a hefty, delicious platter of lamb and rice as well, since he will devour it easily. With his energy and friendliness, Tony is the life of the party more often than not.

The future of healthcare will depend on these young and exciting HCPs. The industry is in need of fresh young HCPs to replace the veterans who are retiring. These are the individuals who will lead the way for healthcare, in the not-so-distant future. If a fresh graduate healthcare worker was a fraction as competent and optimistic as Tony is, then the industry will certainly be in a good place.

The best part? His nursing journey has only just begun. Tony is just scratching the surface of what he is capable of. As he grows, his clinical skills and effectiveness will only continue to improve. To think, he is already such a joy to work with! With VitaWerks, we promise to provide him with all the opportunities to develop while earning along the way. As he continues along his path as an HCP, we will be there supporting him every step of the way.

Thank you, Tony, for placing your trust in us. From the VitaWerks family to you, we hope you have another successful year of continued prosperity and success in the healthcare world!