HCP of the Month February 2022 – Shenuta

Providing staffing services to our healthcare heroes is a privilege we never want to take for granted. Over the course of a single week, we work with some of the kindest, strongest, and most compassionate people on Earth. That is why we want to take the opportunity to celebrate these HCPs, whenever we can. Every month, VitaWerks selects an exceptional HCP to highlight.

We are thrilled to name Shenuta as the HCP of the Month for February! From June 2021 and onwards, she has picked up shifts with us on a regular basis. No matter how many shifts she has picked up, or where she works, we can count on her to complete them with aplomb. Without a doubt, she is one of the hardest working and committed people we have ever worked with. Every partnered facility she works for or HCP she has worked with will tell you about her diligence and unyieldingly positive attitude. She has as close to a unanimous approval rating as we have ever seen. 

“She is easily one of the most dependable CNAs that we have ever worked with,” one manager lauded. “Regardless of the task we assign her, we are confident that she will complete them and do it well.” They went on to compliment her kindness and courtesy. “She has this positive attitude that is absolutely contagious to everyone she interacts with,” they added. “Even in the most high-pressure situations, she remains polite and approachable to everyone she works with. 

Over her time with us, we have made sure to provide all our HCPs with the support they need to succeed. Shenuta not only knows this, she embraces it. “From day one, working with VitaWerks has been an amazing experience,” she shared. “The customer service in particular has been amazing! They are always available and they help with any problems I need resolving. Their Nurse Champions make you feel so appreciated as well! I give them all 5 stars.” 

It may seem cliche, but the right attitude really goes a long way. Healthcare work is more than just fulfilling tasks on a checklist. Reaching out to patients dealing with great pain and loss requires a level of sincerity and emotional sensitivity that HCPs like Shenuta embody. Positivity has a way of affecting the people around you. It uplifts the room and can influence patients, and fellow HCPs alike, for the better. For all these reasons and more, VitaWerks is proud to have her on-board.