HCP of the Month January 2022 – Roxanne W S

VitaWerks proudly serves HCPs of all levels. Whether you are an RN, CNA, or LVN, we appreciate everything you do to preserve the health and wellbeing of our communities. The company was founded with the intent of supporting these outstanding healthcare professionals with cutting edge AI matchmaking and more schedule flexibility. To commemorate the exceptional individuals that work in health, we take our time to highlight an HCP and their story.

To kickstart the new year, we are happy to name Roxanne as our first HCP of the Month for 2022. Born in New York, she spent the majority of her childhood in Long Beach. At the time of writing, she currently resides in and works from San Bernardino, California. She has worked as an LVN for 19 years and shows no signs of slowing down. No matter where she goes, everyone she works with has been impressed by her commitment to her craft. Meanwhile, her cheery and approachable personality enlivens co-workers and patients alike. 

In particular, all our partnered facilities have praised her punctuality and capabilities as an LVN. “Without fail, Roxanne is always on time,” one manager shared with us. “She is never late nor NCNS, when it comes to our shift. She is easily one of the most reliable HCPs we have ever worked with.” 

You cannot help but ask yourself: what drives such an HCP? What motivates her to approach LVN work the way she does? Much of this can be attributed to raw passion. You will be hard pressed to find someone who loves her work as much as Roxanne does. “I have been an LVN since 2003. I loved what I did then, and I still love it now,” she noted. True to her word, her passion for treating the sick, injured and in-need remains strong to this day. Roxanne also draws a lot of motivation from her family life. “My daughter has been a major source of inspiration for me, in my work” she explained. “I love her dearly.” 

In many ways, Roxanne is a model HCP. She brings a level of experience and ability that any healthcare facility would appreciate. Her ability to connect with and comfort the patients around her cannot be understated. LVNs like her will thrive in any environment and situation, if you allow them to.

We thank Roxanne for allowing us to share her story! Wherever she works next, we know that she will continue to excel.