HCP of the Month July 2022 – Ana

We settle for nothing less than the best, here at VitaWerks. Everyday, we are proud to work in collaboration with the nation’s most skilled and exceptional HCPs. To celebrate their contributions to healthcare, we highlight the story of one of these top-notch healthcare professionals. 

For the month of July, we are proud to name Ana as our HCP of the Month! Ever since she joined our staffing platform, she has quickly built a strong reputation among numerous co-workers and partnered facilities. Wherever you go, you will hear people sing her praises as one of the hardest-working, motivated, and friendliest CNAs that you will ever meet. From patients to fellow HCPs, you do not need to look far to hear about her devotion to her craft.

“Without fail, we always notify her about available open shifts,” one manager shared. “We place a great deal of trust in her. When Ana is on board, we are secure in the knowledge that she will go above and beyond the call of duty.” 

Even among other HCPs, her passion for healthcare stands out. Her bright disposition reflects her earnest desire to provide lifesaving care for patients in need. For such a young CNA, her outlook resembles that of a reliable veteran. Not only is she aware of the importance of nursing’s emotional component, she harnesses it and applies it to her approach to healthcare. 

On all levels of healthcare, passion is an invaluable quality. Healthcare can be a challenging and draining profession, both physically and mentally. You are expected to stay on your feet, while exposing yourself to disease, death, and trauma. 

That passion pushes HCPs to work through the long hours, and grueling shifts. Without these HCPs, healthcare was known to be extremely compromised. This knowledge pushes us to provide the best staffing services and rates that we can, to our healthcare heroes. For what they give to the community? It is honestly the least we can do. 

Ana’s HCP journey has just begun. While she picks up CNA shifts, he has shared with us her plans to become a Registered Nurse later down the road. Studying while working takes a lot of dedication and mental fortitude, in order to make work. However, with her studiousness, compassion, and ability, we know that she will succeed. The industry could use more exceptional RNs, and we know for a fact that Ana will eventually get there. 

Thank you Ana for letting us share your story. We hope to support you, on your way to achieving your HCP dreams!