HCP of the Month June 2022 – Brittney

The VitaWerks marketplace hosts a great number of young CNAs. Though their HCP journeys have just begun, a number of these exceptional individuals have made a strong and immediate impact, to both the facilities they work with and the patients that they serve. To commemorate the contributions of our healthcare professionals, VitaWerks proudly highlights one of the many outstanding HCPs that works with us. We are incredibly grateful that we can share their journey with the rest of you. 

This June, we are delighted to announce Brittney as our HCP of the month! To this point, Brittney has already worked with us for more than a year. She joined last March, and by May she was already picking up multiple shifts with two of our partnered healthcare facilities. 

At VitaWerks, we take our agreements with each partnered facility seriously. We want to ensure that our HCPs reliably finish the shifts they agree to taking. No matter how many shifts she takes, this has never been an issue with Brittney. From March to May, she never recorded a single cancellation or tardy day. Managers have praised both her studiousness and unbreakable devotion to world-class healthcare. When she takes a shift with us, we are confident that she will fulfill her obligations exceptionally well and on time. 

Now, Brittney has picked up a full schedule with one of our partnered facilities. She still maintains a perfect attendance record, and co-workers continue to speak of her in glowing terms. Even now, she knows from experience just how good VitaWerks’ staffing services are. She remembers the market leading rates we secured for her, with the best healthcare facilities in her area. As a result, she has started to refer some of her colleagues to us. Whenever an HCP friend of hers is in need of extra work, experience, or cash, VitaWerks is always on standby. 

In the healthcare industry, time is of the essence. Whether you are working on a life-saving operation or reaching out to a patient in need of emotional support, every second counts. Even a split second could mean the difference between a life saved and an unspeakable tragedy. As simple as it may seem, HCPs should aspire towards Brittney’s punctuality. No matter the circumstance, we are secure in the knowledge that she will be there on-time, as necessary. This knowledge alone provides a huge peace of mind for patients, fellow HCPs and managers alike. 

For her outstanding work and character, Britney is a model healthcare professional. We are proud to have a CNA like her as our HCP of the month!