HCP of the Month March 2022 – Brayan

Whether you are a fresh graduate, or a veteran with years of experience, Vitawerks is here to help. We pride ourselves in supporting HCPs with our cutting-edge platform and AI technology. As time goes on, we reflect on just how many exceptional healthcare professionals we work with, on a daily basis. We are blessed to have this opportunity to help and empower the healthcare heroes of our country. To celebrate their efforts and legacy, we take the time each month to highlight the best HCPs we have ever worked with. 

This March, VitaWerks is proud to name Brayan as our HCP of the month! For most people, it usually takes time to acclimate yourself to a new environment. Meanwhile, Brayan only took 3 months to capitalize on every opportunity the VitaWerks platform provides. In between college classes and studying, he manages to fit in shifts into his busy schedule, whenever possible. 

Although our time together has been brief thus far, he has already left a lasting, positive impact and impression with our partnered facilities. “His reliability and excellence really cannot be understated,” one facility manager shared with us. “Honest to god, I have heard nothing but good things about Brayan from our patients. They just love having him here.” 

Looking towards the future, young HCPs will play an important role in sustaining the healthcare industry. As we speak, more and more veteran healthcare professionals have considered retiring or moving away from the industry, altogether. If we do not support nursing graduates and other young professionals climbing the ranks, we could face staffing problems for years to come. That is why we are grateful for HCPs like Brayan and embrace the opportunity to support them. By offering them market-leading rates in the best hospitals in their area, we intend to send a strong message: “you and your efforts are valued. We want you to work in this industry for years to come.” 

As we stand, Brayan’s HCP journey is only just beginning. Between his work ethic, positivity, and capability, however, he has already built the foundations for a successful, sustainable healthcare career. In time, he will only continue to gain experience and further his nursing studies. In our honest view, we would not be surprised if he began to climb the HCP ladder in the very near future. 

As he continues on his path, we have zero doubts that Brayan’s star will only shine brighter.