HCP of the Month November 2022 – Alexandria

Season’s greetings to all our healthcare heroes! We know that many of you are still picking up shifts, even as the holidays ramp up. Healthcare has no off days, and we thank you for your perseverance and hard work. Just like we do each month, we are here to highlight the efforts and stories of one of the exceptional HCPs who pick shifts up with VitaWerks.

In the spirit of the holiday season, VitaWerks is proud to name Alexandria our HCP of the Month! Starting her career as an EMT, she eventually became a paramedic and then a caregiver. As she gained experience, her unwavering passion for caregiving only continued to blossom further. This affection for her work was so powerful that it motivated her to become a CNA. At the time of writing, she is taking the necessary steps to become a full-time Registered Nurse.

Anyone who has worked with her will tell you about her love for her job. Alexandria’s passion for caregiving is as powerful as it is immediately apparent. One patient had nothing but kind things to say about her care services, during a difficult rehab process. “ She was nothing short of extraordinary.” they detailed. “Every step of the way, she was approachable, professional, and attentive. No matter how difficult things got, she made my stay considerably more bearable.” From her fellow workers to other patients, you will find nothing but the highest praise for her.

They say adversity will often reveal a person’s true character. No matter how hard or inconvenient her tasks are, Alexandria takes them on with a smile on her face and a pep in her step. In the end, it is all worth it as long as she can provide crucial care and support to patients in need. The future of healthcare will depend on HCPs like her. If many graduate nurses are a fraction as driven and personable, then healthcare facilities will be in a good place. “I love spending time with patients,” she proclaimed. “I love hearing their stories or providing them with the love they sorely need. Their smiles and laughter never get old. Every day I wake up, I get excited to work with VitaWerks yet again.”

In return, VitaWerks has done its best to empower Alexandria. Caregivers like her deserve nothing less than the highest rates in their area, with the best facilities. Thank you Alexandra for allowing us to share your story