HCP of the Month October 2022 – Priscilla

VitaWerks is partnered with hundreds of the best HCPs in all of America. We are proud to support and empower the nation’s finest with our staffing services, AI matchmaking, and market-leading rates. Every month, we take the time to highlight the achievements and stories of some of the most exceptional healthcare professionals we have ever worked with.

This October, we are extremely excited to name Priscilla as our HCP of the month. Reliable, flexible, and hardworking. Whenever she goes and whoever she works with, supervisors, co-workers and patients alike will tell you all the same things. Even compared to her peers, she approaches her job with unparalleled thoroughness and attention to detail, without sacrificing timeliness. Several of our partnered facilities have praised her for her schedule flexibility, punctuality, and willingness to accept any challenge.

What drives her to put in this extra effort? Like any great HCP, Priscilla is deeply motivated by a strong desire to help people in need. “Whenever I am on the clock, I want to make sure (my patients) are receiving the best healthcare available to them. I never want to settle for “good enough,” “ she explained.

Even in her free time, Prsicilla’s desire to help others shines through. You can find her teaching young children and relatives. We do not doubt that she would have been a great teacher if she was not already an excellent HCP! On other occasions, she is also known to love driving around town, by herself, or with a friend. Whenever she needs to clear her mind or enjoy new sites and experiences, a cruise across the surrounding area is her perfect remedy.

Passion in healthcare is an unquantifiable quality. At the same time, it is extremely easy to recognize when an HCP possesses it. Healthcare professionals that truly love their jobs are irreplaceable, in any facility setting. They brighten the days of the patients they care for. They energize and motivate the HCPs that they work with. HCPs like her are why VitaWerks goes above and beyond, to provide the best staffing services available.

VitaWerks is proud to provide a platform that supports outstanding healthcare providers like Priscilla. For the work and extra effort they provide, the least we can do is empower them with better career opportunities and earning potential. “(VitaWerks) is always easy to work with and quick to reply to. Working with them has been a great experience,” she exclaimed.