Hobbies That HCPs Should Consider Picking Up

HCP work can be brutal at times. Healthcare workers often end up too tired to do anything, after particularly long shifts. That just makes hobbies all the more valuable. Having a skill or a pastime to focus on lets you keep your mind off of work while staying sharp and engaged. When you do come back to your shift, you return refreshed and ready to take on the challenges for the day. There is no wrong way to approach this, but we have listed a handful of hobbies that we know many HCPs would enjoy.


When you crochet, you are making garments or fabrics with just yarn and a special needle and hook. You can make a surprising number of things through crocheting, such as (but not limited to) pot-holders, yarn dolls, mini baskets, beanies and much more. Though initially daunting, crocheting is a great hobby for any HCP to pick up. It allows for self-expression, reduces stress, and increases memory retention. It is also a great way to join groups of fellow crocheting enthusiasts and expand your social circle as a result.


Sometimes, you want to sit down and express your inner thoughts. Writing provides an outlet for HCPs who have something to say about their lives, line of work, or any subject they can conceive. You can create poems, essays, or even whole books if you are ambitious enough. It could be about HCP work or something completely different like entertainment or history. You can even start writing blogs to publish on your LinkedIn, Tumblr, Medium, or other site of choice. Just remember that you are not starting every project in the pursuit of “making it” or “hitting it big.” The act of writing itself has value as a creative outlet and productive hobby.


This encompasses painting, drawing, and even digital art. Many people who start out late in life are understandably put off by the idea of drawing. There is a lot to learn, and it can be easy to feel helpless or lost. Luckily, there are a number of guides and tutorials available online. More importantly, you can only improve as an artist by doing. Drawing personal pieces for yourself, embracing progress when you notice it, and taking things one step at a time can be an immensely rewarding process for any HCP.

Web Design

Websites are a powerful tool. A good website is the perfect way to promote your brand and project a desired image. Whether you are working for yourself or a company, the skills are in high demand. Picking up web design may prove useful if you want to promote or push your own products. Failing that, it can just be a fun learning experience as you create websites for yourself or your friends. There are a number of tutorials available online, from free YouTube lessons to paid lectures from services like Skillshare.


Cooking can be a tiring enterprise, but it is equal parts fun and useful. When you cook your own meals, you have full control over the culinary experience and you usually save money as well. If you are really determined and you have a freezer, you can even pre-prepare freezer-friendly meals like tomato sauce or dumplings for the whole week. Similar to art, it can even provide a space for self-expression and experimentation, although there is absolutely nothing wrong with sticking to traditional recipes.

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