How Nurses can keep Holiday Anxiety Under Control

The holidays are a stressful and hectic time for anyone. For nurses, the winter rush is stacked on top of their regular, occupational pressure.

Between lengthy shifts, negotiation-free time and all the Christmas-related obligations, anxiety naturally begins to build up. This stress cannot be completely mitigated or removed, but nurses can do their best to keep things under control.

So that your holiday season is as merry and jovial as possible, this guide will go over tips on how to regulate holiday anxiety, as a nurse.

 Recognize that Stress is a Problem

Admitting that you have an issue is the first step towards addressing it. You want to recognize that the holiday season is getting to you, in a real way.

Holiday stress can take on many different shapes. Irritability, depression, and uneasiness are just a couple of its manifestations.

If it is severe enough, you could end up feeling a host of physical symptoms. Indigestion, insomnia, overeating, fatigue and regular headaches are natural products of stress.

 Do not let it Build Up

 You may be tempted to keep all these thoughts to yourself. You could justify it by telling yourself that “others do not need to get as stressed as I do.”

If you keep holding it to yourself, you will eventually reach a boiling point. Suffering silently will only lead to further suffering.

Instead, you want to talk it out with someone who is willing to lend an ear. Whether it is a close family member, a friend or a lover, solidarity can make a world of a difference.

 Create a plan of Attack

 Working off the cuff is the perfect way to get yourself tangled and stressed out of your mind. Instead of improvising, try to make a holiday plan that covers all the possible bases.

Make a list of all the obligations and tasks you would like to accomplish. Get-togethers, gift-buying, workplace dues and more all fall under this umbrella.


Be Realistic

A lot of holiday stress can be linked to overextending. You cannot go to every Christmas party, buy every gift you want or make all your obligations work.

 It pays to be realistic. You need to know the constraints you are working under and make compromises, whenever necessary.

 You will not hit all your holiday goals perfectly and that is completely fine.