How to overcome nursing test anxiety

Nursing school can be a gauntlet. Students are expected to balance difficult technical courses, clinical rotations, and commonly work side jobs on top of everything listed. 

With so many responsibilities and requirements for nursing school, the pressure commonly gets to a lot of HCP hopefuls. Because of the difficult material and stressful environment, nursing test anxiety is experienced at a higher rate compared to other college courses. 

Instead of brute forcing through your worries, consider these smart and healthy coping strategies. You will be surprised by how much easier things could be, with the right approach. 

Watch what you drink

Many people turn to alcohol or caffeinated drinks, whenever they feel nervous or depressed. However, drinking too much of either can aggravate symptoms of depression and anxiety in nursing students.

Just be mindful of your intake. Provided that you consume either in moderation, you should be fine. 

Manage your time better

Scheduling headaches is a common root cause of test anxiety disorder. Juggling study time, multiple assignments, and work is no easy feat. 

Getting organized is the perfect way to make life easier for yourself. You do not need to strictly adhere to the schedule, but some structure to your day helps you stay focused and motivated.

Look into some exercise 

A good workout lets you release pent-up test anxiety while getting healthier. Exercise releases endorphins that bolster your mood and calm you down. 

You do not need to pay up for an expensive gym membership to pump iron 3 hours a day. A 30-minute walk, in between your daily tasks, is more than enough.

It helps even more if you enjoy the routine. Yoga, swimming, and hiking are just a few workout activities that will help you stay fit while lowering your test anxiety level. 

Make use of campus resources 

You may not be aware of the resources available to you. Nursing schools often provide counseling services and online apps to help their students battle anxiety and fulfill their potential. 

Test anxiety tip: Study smarter, not harder. Studying longer hours with few breaks is less effective than maximizing the time you have. 

It is understandable to feel a bit hesitant but keep an open mind. It is best to maximize the advantages available to you, while you are still a student. 

Build a strong support system 

A strong support system of friends and experts can help you weather the storm. Talking to the right people and healthily venting your emotions can make a huge difference in overcoming test anxiety. 

Fellow HCPs can give their perspective and advice for nursing school and stress mitigation. Most universities even have mentors and counselors who offer this kind of support.