How You Can Improve Your Standing with Healthcare Facilities

With VitaWerks, HCPs can work with a variety of healthcare facilities in their area. This gives them a wide breadth of professional opportunities, at different locations and departments. Though you may work with a new facility on a day-to-day basis, you still want to maintain good standing with everyone you work with. If you want to work with a facility in the future, whether per diem or on a full-time basis, a solid reputation will increase the potential for future opportunities. Conversely, staining your reputation with unreliability or bad behavior will make picking up shifts with the best rates a lot more difficult. With the right mindset and attitude, any healthcare provider can improve their reputation with facilities in no time.

Arrive At Your Shift on Time

This seems like a simple priority, but punctuality in healthcare is everything. They also want professionals whom they know they can rely on to provide the best possible care. If you do not appear on time, this could totally derail their care plans for that day. If you are very late, an HCP may have to cover your duties, on top of everything else they are responsible for. By arriving at your shifts on time, you show that you are a committed healthcare professional.

Do Not Cancel Your Shift Last Minute

Even if a cancellation is inevitable, you do not want to call off a booked shift at the very last minute. Facilities plan their operations around the available staff on that day, as well as the HCP-to-patient ratios in each department. If you call off at the last minute, they have to scramble to account for your absence. One or several HCPs may have to cover for your duties, to compensate for your lost contributions. Last-minute cancellations can also come off as rude or disrespectful. If you must cancel, do so well in advance or not at all.

Connect and Communicate with Your Patients

 Being on time is not worth much, if you offer low-quality healthcare. HCPs on every level must focus on offering holistic healthcare to patients in need. Not only must they provide quality medical care, they also need to show emotional sensitivity. Within your shift, you must build a strong base of trust with the patients you work with. Be kind to the patients you deal with, and sensitive to their particular needs. Ask questions to make sure they feel comfortable and show that you care whenever they raise their own inquiries or concerns. If you succeed in this, patients will give much more glowing feedback, which further increases your standing with the facility you work under.

Put your Best Foot Forward

“Doing your best” may seem like a stock answer for many situations, but it is extremely applicable in these instances. Facility managers, patients, and fellow HCPs sense authenticity. They know when a nurse, doctor, or physician is giving it their all to ensure the best possible care, or phoning it in knowing they will be gone after the shift. Facilities greatly appreciate HCPs who go above and beyond to meet their standards for quality care. Even if you do make a mistake, the willingness to learn and adapt moving forward speaks volumes about your character. Provided that you are giving it your all, to the best of your ability, facilities will see this.

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