Why HCPs Love Staffing Apps

The internet age has changed the workforce. Traditional full-time jobs are no longer the only way a healthcare professional can find work. Thanks to digital staffing apps, HCPs can book temporary gigs to supplement or even supplant their full-time roles. The advantage to the facility is obvious: temporary staffing allows them to adapt to changing demands without overemploying. The rise of staffing apps has been a two-way street, however. Over time, HCPs have become aware of the various advantages provided by booking with apps like VitaWerks.

Workplace Flexibility

Traditional healthcare roles give HCPs little time to themselves. Free time for hobbies or time spent with family and loved ones is at an absolute premium, in the world of healthcare. IT can weigh heavily on the minds of HCPs and can be a source of stress or disappointment. With VitaWerks, HCPs can book shifts while dedicating some days completely to themselves. If a special occasion or a relative’s birthday falls under weekdays, they can simply not book shifts on that day. Unlike with full-time jobs, they do not have to call in sick or make up for the lost time in the future.

Freedom of Choice

Thanks to apps like VitaWerks, HCPs get to work wherever they want. This lets them “try out” different departments and facilities, so to speak. For newer HCPs, this lets them build a diverse and deep portfolio that would shine to any recruiter. This “experimentation” can also let younger nurses and nurse aides discover what they want, out of their careers. Each facility has its own identity and workflow, and the same goes for each department. With experience in a variety of settings, HCPs gain a better understanding of what they want out of their career in healthcare. This even opens the door for full-time integration with a facility they especially get along with (although it is not guaranteed.)

Increased Earning Potential

Contrary to popular belief, staffing apps provide rates that are competitive with full-time facilities. There are even many cases where these rates exceed a full-time HCP’s average compensation. HCPs can also book as many shifts as they want, further increasing the chances for increased earnings in the future. Provided that you use the right staffing app, you will be handsomely remunerated for your efforts. VitaWerks ensures that HCPs are only connected with the best rates at the finest facilities in their area.

Everything is More Convenient

Previously, HCP per diem staffing was a cumbersome process. With VitaWerks, booking your temporary shifts has become dramatically more expedient. HCPs can book in and out of shifts with the easy-to-navigate VitaWerks app. They receive their payment shortly after successfully completing their gigs. They can monitor how many shifts have been booked, as well as their work schedule for the week. Per diem, HCP work is far more tempting when it is this easy to join.

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