Nurse Champion of the Month – Vhem

VitaWerks is a large team of employees from different departments and specializations. Together, we work to offer the best healthcare staffing services available. This issue, we want to take time to thank our amazing team of Nurse Champions. As members of the support team, they help our healthcare professionals with any concerns, issues, or questions they may have, with regard to the official app or the booking process. While the HCPs ultimately choose where and when they want to work, our Nurse Champions play a vital role in securing the best per diem rates available for them. Using their own healthcare experiences, our Nurse Champions are an integral part of the VitaWerks process.

In recognition of their contributions to the company, this issue will highlight one of the brightest Nurse Champions on our team. For February, we are proud to announce Vhem as our HCP of the Month. Since she joined the VitaWerks family in 2021, she has not looked back. Anyone who has worked with her endlessly praised her for her kindness and reliable support services. “Working as a Nurse Champion has been such a rewarding experience,” she shared with us. “Oftentimes, I talk with my HCPs like they are my friends. “

At work, Vhem has been a joy to work with. Almost immediately, she built strong relationships with her colleagues and co-workers. “Across different departments, everyone I work with is so friendly and supportive,” she detailed. “It really makes working in VitaWerks feel like being part of a big family.”

In her free time, Vhem has always been an outgoing and family-oriented person. She has a vegetable garden in her backyard that she continues to tend to and cultivate. She will browse the internet on her phone or personal computer, to find interesting articles or shop around online stores. When her schedule allows for it, she takes fitness walks to burn calories in a sustainable, low-intensity manner. Above all else, she would love nothing more than to spend time with her husband.

As it was for most people, the pandemic threw a wrench in her plans. Back in 2021, remote healthcare jobs were not as commonplace as they are today. Now, she can continue working in the industry in the safety of her own house. “Being with the company has been an amazing experience, since day one. I have been able to continue working, without having to leave our house! I am thankful for the opportunity that VitaWerks has given me.