The Best Healthcare Conferences of 2024

healthcare conference

For healthcare providers (HCPs) looking to bolster their knowledge and further develop their careers, healthcare conferences provide a number of different opportunities. To get your year started right, consider marking these conferences down on your calendar:

Why attend a healthcare conference?

HCPs have much to gain from attending the right conferences.  It allows HCPs to learn valuable resources and insights from leading experts. In-person conferences also offer a number of networking opportunities, for nurses who want to build connections in the industry. With regards to continuing education, accredited conferences can also give you CE credits (if your state approves of it.)

International Conference on Digital Healthcare

Where: New York City, New York

When: January 29-30

This conference brings together prominent scholars, experts, and analysts to make sense of a rapidly digitizing healthcare system. Innovations, developments, and unique challenges are covered in this comprehensive conference. You can learn more here.

2024 AHA Rural Health Care Leadership Conference

Where: Orlando, Florida

When: February 11-14

Rural communities are not afforded the same level of healthcare accessibility as their urban counterparts. This conference tackles the current state of rural healthcare, what measures can be taken to improve things, and how resources can be allocated to change the status quo for the better. You can learn more here.

HIMSS Global Health Conference & Exhibition

Where: Orlando, Florida

When: March 11-15,

The future of IT is the future of healthcare, in many ways. Speakers discuss in detail about how continuous developments in communications will change the industry as we know it and it can be harnessed to propel healthcare into the future. You can learn more here.

American Organization for Nursing Leadership Inspiring Leaders Conference

 Where: New Orleans, Louisiana

When: April 8-11

Whether you are a seasoned leader in healthcare spaces, or you want to take up leadership roles in the future, this conference has everything you could ever want. Attendees will get the chance to listen to advice and lessons from luminaries and cutting-edge figureheads in the industry. Learn about innovative HCP solutions while earning much needed CE credits for your licensure renewal. You can learn more here.

The Healthcare Innovation Congress (thINc360) 

Where: Washington, DC

When: May 29-31

Equitable healthcare delivery remains a hot button topic, within the industry. Speakers in this conference cover topics such as healthcare equity, how we can improve care delivery and efficiency, and what solutions we can turn to, to make healthcare more available on a widespread basis. If you are curious about learning more, refer to their official website.

AHA Leadership Summit 2024

Where: San Diego, California

When: July 21-24

Healthcare has to evolve if it wants to maintain sustained success, for the foreseeable future. This AHA conference brings together healthcare leaders across the country to discuss innovative solutions to improve healthcare delivery, accessibility, and the overall patient experience. Read more here.

Rise West

Where: Colorado Springs, Colorado

When: September 11-13

RISE is another top leadership conference, for successful managers and aspiring healthcare leaders to mingle and share knowledge. Forward thinking and innovative management strategies, changing industry trends, and risk adjustment are just some of the topics discussed in this comprehensive presentation. Sign up here.

Fierce Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Forum

Where: Remote

When: November 1-2

The healthcare workforce is more diverse than it has ever been. HCPs now come from all kinds of backgrounds, upbringings, and orientations. Instead of glancing over this fact, this conference shows us how embracing these principles can bring healthcare to the future. Sign up and learn more here.

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