How to Win A DAISY Award

Few people match the selflessness of your average nurse. Day in and day out, they provide both medical treatment and emotional care to patients in need. The work demands a nigh-superhuman amount of compassion, fortitude and skill. Founded in 1999, The DAISY Awards program honours the outstanding efforts of these nurses, and the difference they have made in their patients’ lives. Each month or quarter, partnered facilities give out a DAISY Award to the most exceptional nurses or nursing students in their ranks.

This begs the question: what can you do to win the DAISY award? What about the benefits? This article will go over everything you need to know about the prestigious honour.

What are the criteria?

The DAISY Award Program was founded on three foundational elements:

  1. A partnership with healthcare organizations to provide on-going recognition of the clinical skill and compassion demonstrated by nurses on a daily basis
  2. “Flexibility so that the DAISY Award for nurses may be tailored to each hospital’s unique culture and values.”
  3. A turn-key program with The DAISY Foundation providing most everything you need to implement The DAISY Award.”

For this topic, the second criteria is key. The foundation lets facilities choose their DAISY Awards’ meaning based on their own mission statements and core values. Because of this subjectivity, there are no rigid steps to victory. Additionally, the award itself is not exactly based on merit, since compassion and character are at the core of the program.

How does a nurse get a DAISY Award?

To become a DAISY Award nurse, you have to buy into the culture of your workplace. As a DAISY award nomination example, say that one of their core values is social responsibility. Accordingly, you must show a commitment to community health and environmental safety in your actions. This could mean contributing to outreach programs, showing extra warmth and care to your patients or making generous, charitable donations. It is up to you, and it has to come from within. These cannot just be hollow gestures in a transparent attempt to win the award. DAISY Award nurses must be genuine.

Additionally, you want to extend this sincerity and kindness to everyone around you. Anyone in your organization who has observed you “providing extraordinary compassionate care” can nominate you for the DAISY. Building strong connections with the people around you can make a world of difference.

Can an LPN get a DAISY Award?

Just like with the criteria for winning the award, which nurses are “eligible” really depends on the organization. Originally, the award was meant to honor RNS and APRNs only. Recently, organizations have been allowed to include LPNs and LVNs at their own discretion. These tend to be smaller facilities with around 200 active employees.

What do you get for a DAISY Award?

When you win a DAISY Award, you become an honoree for life. You join a worldwide community of nurses recognized for their dedication and compassion. On top of this, Honorees get to enjoy a host of DAISY Award benefits provided by the foundation. While these are numerous, we have listed a couple of the most notable perks.

1. Reduced memberships and tuition

All honorees can receive reduced tuition fees at Chamberlain University, along with a one-time reduced cost on ANCC certification/renewal. DAISY Award nurses can also apply for the Honoree Scholarship. This offer is available to nurses with an active RN license in America, or in a jurisdiction that is an associate member of the NCSBN.

2. The Medical Mission Grants program

The DAISY Award was made for nurses who go above and beyond. A prominent example of this is nurses who go on medical mission trips in order to provide care for underserved areas. Commonly, these volunteers have to pay for their own expenses. In recognition of their remarkable efforts, The DAISY Foundation offers grants to honorees who need funds for their medical missions.

3. Cherokee Nursing Conference Scholarship Program:

In partnership with Cherokee Medical Uniforms, DAISY Award benefits include the chance to apply for a $2000 scholarship to their desired conference. This is done in order to promote career advancement for DAISY Award recipients. 10 DAISY Nurses will be selected, among all the applications. For more details, you can visit the official Cherokee Scholarship website.

More Than A Reward

Though DAISY Awardees are handsomely rewarded for their efforts, the reward is far greater than the material gains. It is meant to be a recognition of a nurse’s strength of character and resilience in the face of adversity. It is an acknowledgement of the impact that these extraordinary individuals have left on the lives of their patients and surrounding co-workers. It is a celebration of what the nursing profession should be: a caretaker who goes above and beyond to make a difference.