Women behind VitaWerks: Inspirational stories

Being a bread-winner is not easy. You’ve learned how to stand on your own and at the same time be the stronghold of your family. You may have nothing to save but the greatest investment you could achieve is your family’s happiness and comfortability. I grew up with a broken family and most of the women (my grandma, mother, auntie and cousin) are the ones who provide.

It’s one of the reasons why I keep going and I’m proud of what I have become.

Thus far.. there’s still a taboo in our society for what only a woman can do or what only capable of..

Study hard or you will be nothing.. Dress properly or you will get in trouble.. Stay fit or no one will admire you.

Each generation, women are always obliged to have a standard. Yet we always break those barriers. We are the reason why someone is born, we created life and there’s nothing we can’t do… Happy Women’s Month!

Who says I’m just only a woman? being a mom, a partner, and a work-from-home employee. Is a never-ending sacrifice, Who does that? well me, us, every single strong woman. I know who has the greatest aspirations for their family. I cried, I came across never-ending challenges, but I’m still here telling my story. How strong I am. Because I’m not just a girl, but I am a woman.

Let’s forget about how society wants us to be. Forget about the aesthetics, who says you need to be selfie-ready all the time? I, Us, We. are far more precious than that. Thank yourself for being a woman. Just don’t let anyone dictate what you can’t and what you can do. You are one strong Independent woman. Know your worth. Live a little. and don’t forget to laugh harder.

After all, who runs the world again?


I know how hard it is to be a woman, especially a mom and a daughter. I need to provide for my own family and my family. Some people said my life ended when I had my son, but they didn’t know my life had just begun. He didn’t take my future but instead gave me a new one.

And this is the reason why I am here and still fighting for all the challenges that I faced.


Cheers to all the women in the world. 🥂🍻

Happy Women’s Month.

Being a mother isn’t an easy job, but it is definitely the BEST job any woman could ever have. Many saw me struggle, but i never quit no matter how hard ,and you will never see me quit.

Looking at them right now, I can say “ it’s a fulfillment”.

If someone said , you’re just a mother or the mother, be Proud because we are:





E-xtra ordinary


Always remember , Family is not an important thing.


This story of my life journey begins at death.

If we can share the “happiest moment” in our lives, mine would be the opposite. Last November 6, 2020, just four days before my birthday, is the saddest moment in my life. I lost the most precious person in my life—my Dad. But that dreadful event did not just stop there when we lost our eldest Brother just last October 9.

I may have to move on from what happened, but I still mourn in silence.

Seeing my Dad and my Brother in a hospital bed would be heartbreaking; witnessing losing their last breath would be wretched.

All the restless nights, uneasy coping, and disturbing conditions I had to undertake as I needed to look after them would never be something I’ll complain nor regret about in my life.

This part of my journey taught me a lot as a person. Helped to become a strong independent woman.

I believe that you’ll never know what you can do as a daughter, sister, or woman until all you have in mind is love.

And that is what makes me driven.

Cheers to every unseen hardship a woman can take!

Happy Women’s Month!❤️