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If you are a fan of scenic beachside towns that are bustling with activity and attractions, look no further than Old Orchard Beach. Famous for a single beach that covers 7 miles and three other towns, it is widely regarded as Maine’s primary “beach resort” location.

Whether it is downtown or by the beach, you will not be at a loss for tourist-oriented businesses. Souvenir shops of all kinds fill the wooden pier. Palace Playland is the go-to beachfront amusement park, for anyone visiting the city with their family and friends. For all you food connoisseurs, the city is packed with restaurants that serve fresh seafood that was caught on the day.

Between residents and countless tourists, the town’s healthcare facilities find no shortage of work. HCPs can find many open shifts at Old Orchard Beach’s various hospitals, long-term care facilities, nursing homes and other healthcare facilities. What about the best available shifts, though? What if a nurse wants the highest pay with the most well-regarded facilities in town?

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Serving Old Orchard Beach, ME, and beyond.

Our services reach farther than Old Orchard Beach’s borders. At VitaWerks, our mission is to help nurses, nursing assistants and other HCPs across America. You can book shifts with us in other key cities and towns in Maine, such as:

  • Westbrook, ME
  • Kennebunk, ME
  • Sebago, ME

Old Orchard Beach, and Maine as a whole, has a short staffing problem. Hospitals are struggling to fill patient vacancies, and patient counts are not declining in the slightest. For what they sacrifice to preserve public health, the town’s finest HCPs should be compensated justly. When you enroll with VitaWerks, you can rest assured that you find rates that are far better than the market average. Unlike other alternatives, you will also be allowed to schedule your shifts freely and at your convenience. VitaWerks prides itself on taking care of the HCPs that enroll with us.

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