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You cannot talk about Sebago without bringing up Sebago Lake. It provides the water supply for 20% of Maine’s population, is the second deepest lake in the entire country, and is home to countless lake trout (commonly referred to as togue by Maine locals.)  Tourists and residents alike can enjoy the lake through the diving and water-skiing activities scattered around the area. If none of that interests you, you can swim along the shore, or simply take in the beautiful scenic view of Lake Sebago, the White Mountains beyond the shoreline, and the various cliffs and caves.

As a town with a smaller, spread-out population, nurses and nursing assistants remain in high demand. You can find several open shifts over at Sebago’s various hospitals, long-term care centers, nursing homes and other healthcare facilities. With the help of VitaWerks, you can find the most lucrative shifts at the best facilities in an instant.

Sebago’s VitaHeroes get to enjoy the following perks…

  • Find shifts at the best facilities in all of Maine.
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  • Book your shifts and create your weekly work schedule.
  • Achieve that long-sought-after work-life balance, or accept as many shifts as you can accommodate.

Serving Sebago, ME, and beyond.

We do not just stop at Sebago. VitaWerks wants to help and protect nurses all over the country. In Maine alone, you can begin booking shifts with facilities from these prominent cities and towns:

  • Westbrook, ME
  • Old Orchard Beach, ME
  • Kennebunk, ME

The state of Maine has a nurse staffing problem. Hospitals do not have enough manpower to handle the increase in patients. Nurses are leaving in droves, due to burnout and stress. From Sebago to Augusta, VitaWerks believes that empowering nurses is the key to retaining them. When they are paid in a fair and timely manner, they are less likely to leave. If they are afforded the workplace freedom and flexibility to earn while achieving work-life balance, they will be more satisfied with their professional trajectory. We want to address these staffing issues head-on by treating nurses fairly and providing them with the freedom that they deserve.

If you are interested in everything we outlined, then we have good news: joining the VitaWerks platform is incredibly easy. Simply sign up and log in to our versatile and intuitive mobile app. Search for desirable shifts with filters that point to your preference or skill set. Once that is complete, you can start booking your shifts and creating your work schedule that is based on what you prioritize, both in your career and life.

Maybe you are looking for more work-life balance. Perhaps you need to earn a certain amount within a certain time. No matter the scenario, VitaWerks is here to accommodate you.

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