How Can HCPs Find The Best Rates? A Basic Guide

How Can HCPs Find The Best Rates? A Basic Guide

On October 16, 2023, Gavin Newsom signed a law that raised the minimum wage of $25 per hour for nurses, for the next several years. Though some officials raised concerns about how it would affect the state budget, consensus was that the positives would far outweigh any perceived negative effects. Nurses risk their lives for the continued safety and health of the population, and they deserve a wage that lets them cover all their living costs. This coincides with a general movement towards increasing minimum wage across different cities in the country. In this new market, it is important for HCPs to maximize their value. Your work matters, and you want to be compensated for what you are worth.

Find shifts through VitaWerks

The VitaWerks app has provided rates at or exceeding $25/hr, long before the new regulations. LVNs, CNAs, and RNs can choose to book shifts with us and build their preferred work schedules. Whether you prefer part time or full time, and no matter what kind of facilities you prefer to work with, VitaWerks offers you the professional freedom to tailor your itinerary based on your preferences.

How does VitaWerks rates compare to the market?

While you create your perfect work arrangement, our staff is working 24/7 to secure the highest possible rates in all of California. We will pair you with per diem shifts and offers that dwarf most standard full time deals, even after the new minimum wage laws. Take your career to the next level, and sign up with VitaWerks now. Maximizing your earning potential has never been easier or more convenient.

Earn additional certifications

The demand for versatile HCPs is only increasing, each passing year. Facilities want nurses and nursing assistants with a wide range of skills and competencies. So much so that they are willing to increase their offers for HCPs who have additional certifications and credentials. Not only does this prove that they have the qualifications needed to contribute to a healthcare setting, it also displays a commitment towards bettering yourself.

What kind of certifications do I pursue?

Not every certification is equally sought after. Some job descriptions will explicitly list what certifications they want out of their applicants, while certain specializations/fields will prefer applicants with certain qualifications as a general rule. For example: if you want to work in critical care units, a certificate in Critical Care Registered Nursing (CCRN) is not required but highly recommended. Do your research and consult with other HCPs before you take up a role, and you should be fine.

Improve your education

Higher degrees do not necessarily coincide with higher compensation. However, they can lead you to better job opportunities, which may lead to better rates in the future. A registered nurse with an associate’s degree may be as valuable as one with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, but most facilities will prioritize the latter. Several studies have even shown a correlation between the quality of HCP education and positive clinical outcomes. Investing in further education such as a Masters’ degree or a Bachelor’s degree may be a costly endeavor, but it will pay dividends if you approach it correctly.

How can I cover the costs?

As you already know, further nursing education is incredibly expensive. Covering the costs will be no easy task, but there are avenues that HCPs can consider. Most local programs are cheaper for in-state applicants, for example. HCPs can also apply for student loans, although it is important to do your research beforehand. You want to be sure that the loan providers have a good reputation and are acting in good faith. You also want to be sure you have the security to pay those loans over a prolonged period of time. These costs add up, but the increased job opportunities and associated rise in compensation will make up for this in the future. Just weigh the pros and cons, before committing yourself to furthering your education.

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