How VitaWerks Helps Nursing Facilities with the Federal Staffing Mandates 

Nursing homes and long-term care facilities across the country are experiencing dramatic staffing shortages. Over the course of the pandemic, the industry saw a 13% decline in available HCPs. The height of COVID left healthcare workers feeling burnt out and overwhelmed, directly leading to this increasing turnover. In response, the US Government proposed a minimum staffing requirement for these facilities in February 2022. 

On paper, this was made to ensure that long-term care facilities were adequately staffed at all times. In practice, skilled nursing facilities across the country are greatly concerned as to whether or not they could meet these requirements, due to the ongoing workforce shortage. If they cannot meet the proposed federal minimum, some of the best facilities in the country will risk going out of business. 

What can be done? 

In these challenging times, digital healthcare staffing platforms have proven to be a potent tool for facilities facing this predicament. Apps like VItaWerks allow facilities to bring in HCPs as needed, as soon as possible. While skilled nursing facilities must still look for long-term plans, posting shifts with these platforms may be the best short-term solution available.

What VitaWerks Offers

 If you remain unconvinced, consider the following advantages:

Unmatched efficiency 

VitaWerks runs on advanced AI matchmaking technology. Skilled nursing facilities can get matched with pre-vetted HCPs in a matter of hours. This allows them to account for rising demand or out-of-nowhere vacancies after an HCP suddenly quits or goes on leave. This efficiency affords facilities a level of speed and flexibility with their staffing that they would not be afforded, otherwise. 

Quick and easy compliance 

As was mentioned earlier, VitaWerks screens every HCP hosted on our marketplace. Facilities can rest easy, knowing that they are choosing from the best and most qualified candidates in the business. VitaWerks also offers quick and convenient access to each candidate’s relevant credentials. Reviewing your facility’s compliance has never been as easy as it is now. 

Access to thousands of quality HCPs

In addition, skilled nursing facilities have access to thousands of nurse profiles. If you are looking for specialized skill sets or qualifications, we guarantee that you will find at least a handful of HCPs that fit what you are looking for. Beyond raw credentials, sifting through these platforms allows you to evaluate whether or not an HCP’s disposition or temperament fits the culture and workflow of your facility. 

Go out there! 

VitaWerks is committed to offering the best staffing services to the finest skilled nursing facilities in America. With our comprehensive HCP database, thorough quality control, and convenient, one-click app, filling in staff vacancies or meeting federal staffing requirements has never been this easy or convenient. Join VitaWerks now and bring your operations to the next level. 

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