The Best Online Physical Therapy Assistant Programs

The Best Online Physical Therapy Assistant Programs

The future appears to be bright for physical therapist assistants. The Bureau of Labor and Statistics projects that employment for PTs by 15% between 2022 to 2032, which is significantly higher than the average growth rate. While they offer recovery care services, PT assistants observe patients, help move them around the facility, put them into their physical therapy apparel, and generally help operations run more smoothly. PT assistant courses are still plenty demanding and expensive, which makes online courses all the more appealing.

Remotely, students can access their material and attend lectures from anywhere, supplemented with some in-person classes and cynical rotations. This allows working students to continue holding your regular profession while you further your education and improve your career prospects. There are plenty of quality, accredited online Physical Therapy Assistant programs, and this article lists a number of the best ones.

Penn Foster College

Penn Foster’s online Physical Therapy Aide and Assistant Program is one of the best in the market. Students are prepared with the clinical experience, communications skills and knowledge needed to thrive in these roles. The course also offers students the flexibility to complete their classes at their own pace, in order to accommodate for their prior obligations.

Clarkson College

For students with associate’s degrees, Clarkson College is a godsend. The school allows these students with an associate’s degree or higher to join a transfer hybrid option, provided that they earned at least 35 credit hours from a recognized university. If this applies, you can join a three-semester online class with 4 to 5 weeks of on-campus practical lessons each semester.  After you are through with your online courses, the final program is all on-campus training.

South College

Based in Knoxville, TN, South College’s Bachelor of Science in Health Science (Pre-Physical Therapy) is the perfect online program for aspiring Physical Therapist Assistants. The curriculum covers all aspects of the role, including (but not limited to) physiology, biology, ethics, and leadership. Thankfully South College has a number of campuses based in cities like Orlando, Atlanta, Nashville, Asheville and Indianapolis, which gives students a number of ways they can fulfill the in-person requirements. If you want to further your education, applicants have the option to continue their education with the Doctor of Physical Therapy course.

St. Catherine University:

Guided by the principles of Catholicism, St Catherine University’s online Physical Therapist Assistant classes prepare students for the unique challenges of the role. Alongside your lessons and clinical rotations, students are made to learn the liberal arts in order to become well-rounded and ethically-strong healthcare professionals. You are not only taught how to become a Physical Therapist Assistant, but the social good and expectations associated with the role.

Rasmussen University-Wisconsin

Rasmussen University’s 18 month Physical Therapist Assistant Program is one of the most highly regarded in the nation. The curriculum mixes online classes with on-campus laboratory demonstrations, lectures, and exams. You can enroll, complete your classes remotely, and head to the school’s campuses in Florida or Minnesota for the aforementioned lab tests. The curriculum equips students with comprehensive lesson plans and practical applications of the knowledge gained from said lectures.

Go out there!

There is no “best university” that applies to every single student. The best course for you will depend on your location, preferences, and career goals. Do you want to study somewhere close to you, even with online lectures? Do you want to further your education soon after graduation, or will you save that for later down the road? Ultimately, it is up to you to do your research and find the best program for your situation. Just make sure you are enrolling in an accredited university with a proven track record for success, and you should do just fine.

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