Top 4 Cities for Per Diem Nurses

Working per diem as a nurse gives you the opportunity to work where you want to work. Provided their certifications are recognized or the correct paperwork is done, nothing is stopping you from choosing any facility within your area.

Between rates, professional opportunities, and specific experiences certain cities undoubtedly have a lot to offer for HCPs. How does per diem work for nurses in each city? How much do per diem nurses make, depending on the city? What is there to experience off the clock?

To get you started on your travel nursing experience, we have listed a handful of the best cities for travel nurses.

(All the rates listed below are credited to Vivian Health.)

Los Angeles, California

Average Annual Pay: $2,779

The Greater LA Metropolitan Area is one of the top cities for travel nurses. It boasts some of the best healthcare facilities in the world. HCPs who take shifts here will get to work directly with cutting-edge nursing technology and will get to learn from some of the best nursing professionals in the nation. Between the UCLA Medical Center, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, UCI Medical Center and more, you will not have to look hard for exciting nursing opportunities.

Whenever you are not working per diem as a nurse, you can enjoy LA’s countless attractions. Between the scenic beaches, tourist attractions like Universal Studios and a bustling nightlife filled with clubs, restaurants and bars, you will find no shortage of things to do in the City of Angels, Just be sure to party responsibly!

Boston, Massachusetts

 Average Annual Pay: $3,036

Boston is another top city for travel nurses. The city boasts some of the best research facilities, hospitals and medical universities in the country. UMass, Harvard Medical School, and Tufts are just a couple of institutions ranked at the upper percentile of medical schooling. You will not have a difficult time landing a shift at some renowned, advanced healthcare facility, like the UMass Memorial Medical Center or Boston Children’s Hospital.

When you are off the clock, the city is rich with historical landmarks and attractions. In baseball season, sports fans can enjoy a game at the iconic Fenway Park, which houses the Boston Red Sox and the infamous Green Monster. Taking the “Freedom Trail” will take you through 16 iconic landmarks: from Park Street Church to the Granary Burial Ground, to the Massachusetts State House and more.

Seattle, Washington

 Average Annual Pay: $2,513

Even when it rains (and it rains often), Seattle provides endless opportunities for those working as per diem nurses. The University of Washington Medical Center is one of the most nationally well-regarded facilities, but there are many other great hospitals. HCPs can expect rich professional experiences at Swedish Medical Center, Virginia Mason Medical Center and more.

No matter how cloudy things get, there are still many sights to see. The iconic Space Needle observatory provides a gorgeous (if vertigo-inducing ) birds-eye view of the entire city. Seattle is also the centre of a constantly-growing tech industry, with companies like Amazon and Microsoft basing their headquarters there. For organic foods and fresh, locally sourced produce, Pike Place Market stands as one of the oldest farmer’s markets in all of America.

San Francisco, California

Average Annual Pay: $3,185

 Northern California is no less stacked than Southern California when it comes to high-end facilities. The San Francisco General Hospital and Trauma Center (SFGH) provides almost 20% of all of San Fran’s inpatient care. The UCSF Medical Center, Kaiser Permanente Medical Center and Sequoia Hospital also stand at the forefront of medical innovations.

SF is not just a top city for travel nurses. Between the scenic bayside view of Pier 39, the iconic Golden Gate Bridge and countless fantastic restaurants, there is much to do in the Bay Area. During baseball season, you can stop by Oracle Park which houses the San Francisco Giants and McCovey Cove.

One major downside is the steep price of housing in San Fran. As long as your agency is assisting you, or you are availing of cheaper short-term housing solutions, you should be fine.

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