7 Must-Listen Nursing Podcasts

Podcasts are excellent entertainment for nurses on the go. You can put one on on the trip to work, during downtime, or lying in bed.

From news podcasts to more lighthearted affairs, the right podcasts can provide you with insight, perspective and even a couple of laughs. 

With this in mind, we have gathered a short list of excellent podcasts worth your time. 

Shift Talk

Many people fall into the trap of “depersonalizing” nurses and healthcare workers; reducing them to mere figures in the chart or statistics in a report. Shift Talk buckles this notion by exploring the challenges faced by nurses both on and off the job. 

The podcast tackles heavy topics, such as the burnout and depression induced by COVID-19 to harassment in the workplace. In season 2, the host interviews nurses working tirelessly to provide equitable healthcare to those in need.

Shift Talk can provide much-needed solidarity and perspective for nurses going through tough times. It reminds us that every nurse faces similar challenges and with the right approach these obstacles can be overcome. 

Nurses on Fire 

With updates twice weekly, Nurses on Fire is a podcast for nurses “ready to build wealth but who may not know where to start.”

From recognizing signs of money fraud to paying off debt to creating intelligent side hustles and more, nurses can enjoy 100+ episodes of relevant financial tips, advice and tricks. 

We live in challenging times, financially. Building wealth, investing and planning for the future has never been harder than it is now. For nurses looking to secure their financial future, Nurses on Fire is a podcast well worth listening to. 

Nurse Speak 

From the minds of the popular Instagram account Nurselifern, Nurse Speak tackles the silly, everyday tales from nurses around the world.

 No matter where you come from, you can relate to the first-year struggles and quirky patient interactions relayed here. 

The podcasts mentioned so far have been fairly serious affairs. If you are looking for more easy, lighthearted listening, look no further than Nurse Speak. 

The Nursing Podcast 

2 or 3 times a week, The Nursing Podcast answers questions from students and offers preparation tips for NCLEX examinees. This is supplemented with general career advice and perspectives from multiple guests. 

For freshly-graduated RNs, the NCLEX-RN may seem like an intimidating endeavor. With sufficient preparation and the right materials, however, anyone can pass this certification exam. 

This podcast may not be the most useful for active nurses. If you are preparing for the NCLEX or know someone who is about to take the certification test, however, it is well worth listening to. 

The Art of Emergency Nursing

Emergency nursing is one of the most important and challenging departments in nursing. Kevin MacFarlane makes it his mission to let their stories be heard. 

The Art of Emergency Nursing takes listeners through the turbulent day-to-day challenges of Emergency Nursing. The podcast is a loving tribute to the men and women who save the lives of countless people, as a matter of course. 

You can expect numerous guest speakers from various backgrounds, on each episode. MacFarlane himself offers his unique insights as a 15-year Emergency Nurse Veteran. 

Nursing Uncensored 

Cut from a similar cloth to Nurse Speak, Nursing Uncensored is equal parts informative, hilarious and heartwarming. Host Adrianne Behning provides valuable information and actionable tips, packaged through humorous stories and an informal tone.

Nurses from various ethnic, racial and gender backgrounds often chime in to provide their raw and relevant nursing experiences. From activism to bigotry, to student debt, no topics are off the board with Nursing Uncensored. 

Public Health On Call

Nursing is in a constant state of flux. Between medical technological advances and legislation changes, it is hard to keep track of where the industry is heading and what it currently is. 

Public Health On Call is a quality health news podcast, for the nurse who wants to stay plugged in. From the latest COVID information to public health access, the podcast provides all the latest news in a quick and digestible manner. 

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