HCP of the Month March 2023 – Alexander

VitaWerks is proud to work with the best HCPs that America has to offer. That is why we take the opportunity to shine a spotlight on the finest healthcare professionals on the VitaWerks app, every month. These exceptional individuals deserve to have their inspiring stories shared to a wider audience.

This time, we are happy to name Alexander as our HCP of the Month!  With over 21 years of experience, he has touched the lives of countless patients and facilities over the course of his career. It does not matter where he works or what responsibilities you assign him. In any setting, you can expect the highest quality of care. 

Without fail, every facility he has worked with has nothing but the kindest words to say about him. “We love working with Alex. His performance is always outstanding.” one anonymous supervisor lauded. “He never complains and he takes every assignment eagerly, and with a smile. He is a team player and always takes initiative to get things done.” Every partnered facility he has worked with would echo these sentiments. 

In his free time, Alexander is a very active and sporty young man. You can often catch him crossing over his friends, at a nearby basketball court. He will also enjoy a couple games of soccer or a round of pool, with his best friends. Whether he is taking care of the patients in need or shooting hoops with his friends, Alexander is a team player through and through. He naturally radiates endless levels of kindness, sincerity and approachability. 

VitaWerks is proud to offer support to Healthcare heroes like him who make the industry a better place. Every day, our healthcare heroes sacrifice a great deal to protect and support their communities. This is why we work to provide them more career flexibility, and work-life balance, while matching them with facilities that match their preferences. All this, while offering the highest rates in their area. Alexander’s commitment to high quality healthcare and overwhelming kindness to everyone he meets cannot be understated. 

We are even happier that the admiration goes both ways.  “VitaWerks looks out for all nurses,” he lauded. “Fantastic customer service, every step of the way.” 

Thank you Alexander for allowing us to share his experiences as an HCP. The healthcare world is better, with caretakers like you around. Hopefully this is just the beginning of a fruitful career partnership. 

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