What is the DAISY Award

Every day, nurses do the seemingly impossible. They work tirelessly through long shifts, to provide lifesaving care to countless patients. No matter how stressful the situation is, they rarely fail to provide essential and quality services. The DAISY Award was created to honor the most exceptional nurses in their fields. Since its inception in 1999, its reach has extended across 4,500 partnered facilities and 35 countries. 

How are award winners chosen? 

The DAISY Foundation wants the criteria to be “flexible” around a facility’s priorities, mission statement, and culture. Partnered facilities can join the program, and choose winners based on some combination of their criteria, and the DAISY Foundation’s criteria. Facilities can choose whether they hand these awards out each month or each quarter. Just keep in mind that the number of DAISY Awards handed out during a given year will affect how much a partnered facility pays, so this should be kept in mind. 

Who can nominate nurses for the DAISY Award? 

In essence, anyone within a facility can nominate a nurse for the DAISY Award. This includes co-workers, fellow HCPs, patients, their families, staff members, and more. As long as they feel like their lives have been positively impacted by the nurse in question, then they can submit them for consideration. 

What are the benefits of the DAISY Award? 

These recognitions have been shown to promote a healthier work environment, as nurses are organically pushed to provide the best services possible. Even if they do not win, simply being nominated for the award makes a nurse feel appreciated for their work. This improves not only engagement but the facility’s nurse retention on the whole. The overall quality of care and patient satisfaction as a whole also rise dramatically, as a direct result. 

What if a facility already has a recognition program? 

Many facilities have their nurse recognition programs, even without DAISY Partnership. Luckily, the DAISY Foundation allows facilities to integrate their proprietary awards into said ongoing recognition programs. This includes the Lifetime Achievement Award, Faculty Award, Student Award, Team Award, Nurse Leader Award, and Health Equity Award. 

In addition, DAISY recipients get to enjoy a variety of unique benefits, courtesy of the DAISY Foundation, such as special discounts on additional certifications, reduced tuition rates, access to special grants, and more. These benefits are a perfect supplement to any pre-existing award programs. 

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