5 Excellent Scrubs for Nurses

Nurses are in their scrubs for 8 to 12 hours daily, every workday. For their sake, we made a list of the top scrubs providers for nurses and their best models. 

Our healthcare heroes deserve functional work outfits that seamlessly blend comfort and style.


For women nurses looking for comfortable form-fitting nurse outfits, have you covered? Since the scrubs are cut closer to your shape, nurses can enjoy a flattering, form-fitting look without sacrificing comfort. Their polyester, spandex and rayon fabrics were designed to provide nurses with comfort throughout the day.

WonderWink Women’s Origins Bravo Scrub Top is listed with a respectable 4.1 stars with 15,000 reviews. Customers have praised the brand for the quality of the product relative to the price. 


When it comes to scrub brands, Cherokee is easily among the most popular out there. This is for a good reason, as the company consistently releases high-quality nursing outfits for both men and women.

The fabric blend produces a light-breezy feel that still remains stretchy and durable in a washing machine. Their scrubs blend a combination of comfortability, utility and durability. 

On Amazon, the Cherokee Women Scrubs Top Workwear Revolution V-Neck WW620 boasts a 4.6 rating over 28,000+ reviews. 


Though Figs is a smaller company, relative to the ones previously mentioned, this does not mean that they cheap out on quality. This up-and-coming brand follows a direct-to-consumer approach to blend form functionality with sleek designs. For the style-inclined nurse, it does not get any better.

FIGS Chisec Scrub Top for Men is rated a respectable 4.4 stars over 1,716 reviews. Users rave about the quality of fabric and how it softly stretches to fit your form, compared to other brands. 

The major catch is the price tag, which sits at $48.00. If you are willing to pay extra for higher quality that will last, Figs is at least worth considering. 


With a job that can get as stressful and demanding as nursing, at the very least you want scrubs you will feel comfortable in. Jaanuu consistently provides some of the most comfortable, flexible scrubs in the market, thanks to their FUSEryx technology. 

None of the comfortability compromises on quality in other areas, as Jaanuu scrubs are wrinkle and fade-resistant.

Jaanu’s Women’s 3-Pocket Scrub Top is among the most highly rated in their cataloge. Users can even customize their outfits, based on their preferred colors. 


On top of Jeans and other casual apparel, Dickies is also one of the leading providers of professional-quality nursing scrubs. 

With its four-way stretching fabric, athletic styling reminiscent of workout gear and machine-friendly fabrics, there is a reason Dickies is one of the most popular brands for male nurses 

Users all over have raved about the Dickies Dynamix Scrubs for Men. With a 4.6 rating on Amazon and a $31.98 price point, this is a great choice for HCPs looking for quality scrubs. 

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