The Best Apps for Per Diem Nursing Shifts

Per diem shifts have changed healthcare staffing, as we know it. Gone are the days when you had no choice but to work full time, and on the terms of your employer. Nurses can now pick up shifts from their mobile phones, in an extremely convenient and hassle-free way. This has afforded HCPs a level of professional freedom and flexibility that is unprecedented in the history of nursing. Effectively, HCPs have become their own boss and can dictate their own hours accordingly.

What if you are new to per diem staffing, however? Maybe you heard of it from a friend, and you do not know where to start. There are so many HCP staffing apps available to you that it can be a bit disorienting. It goes without saying, that not all these apps are created equal. You do not want to choose indiscriminately either since you will be trusting these companies with sensitive documentation and personal information. For your convenience, we have listed some of the best nursing shift apps on the market. In these write-ups, we will outline their prominent strengths, and notable weaknesses, and offer our final recommendations. 


Without a doubt, VitaWerks is the best nursing shifts app available. In no time at all, nurses can find hundreds of shifts in reputed healthcare facilities near you with rates that are 25% higher than the market.

The app boasts a variety of different features and perks. 

  • Search for a number of high-quality facilities in your area.
  • AI matchmaking instantly pairs you with the highest rates available in the market. 
  • Set your own work schedule. View and choose the shifts you take, any time you want. There are no minimum hours! 
  • Take advantage of 24/7 customer support. Contact us anytime you have any inquiries, clarifications, or concerns regarding our apps and services! 
  • Enjoy flexible scheduling. Set your work week based on your current needs or preferences. 
  • Avail of countless rewards. Earn VCoins for each shift completed and successful referral. Redeem your VCoins for cash, once you have collected enough. 

VitaWerks strives to provide HCPs with unmatched freedom and convenience. Regardless of what level of HCP you are, there is something for everyone. 

We are constantly searching for skilled, qualified HCPs who are also driven and passionate about healthcare work. Do you fit the description? Are you ready to take your career to the next level? If all this is applicable, click here to sign up with us. Get to that next step today, and start your journey with VitaWerks! 


Nursa is a decent, free nursing app for work. RNs, LPNs, CNAs, and other HCPs first have to complete a W-9 per-diem worker form on their app, before adding their banking information. When you finish your application, you can begin selecting shifts from a number of facilities in your area.

Nurses are required to submit reports on these facilities after they finish their stint. As you browse through the shifts listed on the app, nurses can use filters. This lets you tailor the results based on your specialty and location preferences. Nursa is a customizable HCP staffing experience that lets you find the best facilities for you. 

Customers have reported a handful of issues, however. The filter system can sometimes be reliable and difficult to use. For example: you can only search for shifts by facility, instead of looking for open gigs within a particular city. Users have also reported a handful of glitches. Luckily, the developer team is constantly taking and considering feedback from their users. 


Intelycare is a powerful staffing solution for HCPs who are in search of a flexible nursing shift app. The on-demand platform simplifies the process of matching qualified healthcare providers with facilities within their close proximity. HCPs can take contract work, per diem nurse shifts, and even full-time offers, depending on what the facilities are offering. The app provides comprehensive information regarding where you will work, what your role will be, your compensation, and more. 

It still has its share of issues. Users have sometimes complained about an unresponsive support team, which can make resolving potential issues difficult. Other users have had issues with a lack of options at times, especially compared to other platforms. Although these concerns are worth considering, Intelycare should still be considered as a worthy option in the see of staffing apps. 


ShiftKey is dedicated to empowering HCPs with the freedom to choose where they want to work. In particular, they serve PTs, CNAs, RNs, and more. HCPs can flexibly pick up gigs from this nursing shifts app at a number of different facilities. To top it all off, the app lets you keep track of and update your HCP credentials whenever needed, making your HCP work life even easier. 

Though a renowned app, the user experience is not perfect across the board. Some users have remarked about last-minute shift cancellations. New documentation requirements may also appear, without any prior warning or heads-up. In general, users may run into a lack of communication, although it is not a universal experience.


ShiftMed is a powerful, all-in-one staffing app for HCPs of various levels. To qualify, you need to be either a GNA, SNA, LPN, RN, or CNA. Once ShiftMed has verified your credentials, you can start searching for open per diem positions from a number of facilities within your proximity. The app lets you customize your search based on your shift preferences, including (but not limited to) preferred rates, distance to your house, facility preferences, and more. ShiftMed also lists you as a W2 employee instead of a 1099 contractor. You can avail of certain benefits, although they are not listed on their website. 

Unfortunately, the App does have its fair share of drawbacks. Communication can be inconsistent, and users have complained about the documentation submission process. Changing your work location has also been a hassle, which is inconvenient for HCPs looking to move temporarily or change their residence outright. Ironically, this can also be an inconvenience for nurses who actually travel As with most of these applications, the dev team regularly takes feedback

Pick A Shift

Uniquely, Pick A Shift only partners with nursing homes and residential communities. Once you download and sign up on the app, you can start registering with nearby healthcare facilities. Pick A Shift sends the important information to the facility, and if they approve, the nurse will be notified whenever there are available slots. Notably, Pick A Shift provides lucrative short-notice opportunities. Facilities can post listings for sudden vacancies or gigs, and HCPs are notified on the other end. As with all these other apps, you will not be forced to pick up any hours against your own will.

 If you do not want to shift your schedule around a suddenly available gig, there is no need to do so. For healthcare professionals who thrive under pressure, this is a great opportunity to earn extra money. Pick a Shift is a good nurse staffing application if you are interested in the kind of work they specialize in. 


NurseIO is another prominent staffing app well worth considering. HCPs can find a number of open per diem shifts at nearby facilities. You can browse through a number of nearby available shifts that are posted by the facilities themselves. From there, you can build and curate your work schedule, based on facility preference or current circumstances. NurseIO offers a host of different shifts for various levels of HCP: from RN to CNA, LVN, caregivers, and more. When it comes to flexible per diem staffing apps, NurseIO is as good a choice as any. 

Like any other app, NurseIO is not perfect. There are a handful of bugs and glitches that still need ironing out. Certain users have complained about less-than-favorable behavior from their employers and support staff. Thankfully, the development team is active in taking feedback and iterating on the app as it stands. 

Go out there! 

Healthcare staffing is currently at an exciting place. Staffing apps continue to improve, while HCPs get to enjoy a host of different employment opportunities. Healthcare heroes are no longer bound and constricted by a single facility, where they work exclusively for the rest of their lives. They can try different facilities, with different systems and co-workers. They can dip their toes in settings outside their comfort zone. In doing so, they discover more about who they are, and what they look for in their nursing careers. This would not be possible without the flexibility and freedom that are provided by HCP staffing apps. Although they surged in popularity, following the pandemic, it is clear that these options are here to stay 

The best staffing app will ultimately depend on your preferences. Do you have a certain specialty that you want to focus on? What are the features that you value in your staffing app? Are you open to spontaneous, short-notice opportunities that pay more as a result? Your answer to these questions will ultimately determine what works best for you. As long as you put your best foot forward, (and diligently complete all the shifts that you take) we know that you will succeed as a per diem HCP! So go out there and start booking your next shift. 

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