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Registered Nurses (RNs) in Florida have an obligation to renew their licenses on a periodic basis. Renewing your RN license ensures that you can continue to practice legally and ethically in the healthcare field. On top of this, it allows you to keep your medical knowledge updated and your skills sharp, in a constantly changing and increasingly competitive healthcare industry. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through the Florida RN license renewal process, covering important steps, requirements, and tips to make the process smoother.

Why Renew Your Florida RN License?

Before delving into the renewal process, it’s crucial to understand why renewing your RN license in Florida is so important. Here are a few reasons:

  • Legal Requirement: Practicing as an RN without a valid license is illegal and can lead to severe consequences, including fines and disciplinary actions.
  • Continued Practice: A valid license is necessary for employment in healthcare facilities and hospitals. Without it, your ability to continue working as an RN is compromised.
  • Patient Safety: License renewal often involves verifying that you meet the necessary educational and competency requirements. This helps ensure that you are well-prepared to provide safe and effective care to patients.
  • Professional Development: License renewal typically requires continuing education, which can help you stay current with the latest healthcare practices and technologies.

Now that we understand the importance of license renewal, let’s explore the steps and requirements for renewing your RN license in Florida.

Florida RN License Renewal Requirements

The specific requirements for RN license renewal in Florida may change over time, so always check the Florida Board of Nursing’s website for the most up-to-date information. Here are some common requirements:

1. Continuing Education

Most states, including Florida, require RNs to complete continuing education as part of the renewal process. In Florida, you typically need to complete 24 hours of continuing education during each renewal cycle. This includes:

  • Two hours of medical error prevention courses.
  • Two hours of domestic violence courses.

It’s essential to choose courses that are approved by the Florida Board of Nursing. You can find a list of approved providers and courses on their website.

2. Background Check and Fingerprinting

Florida may require RNs to undergo a background check and fingerprinting when renewing their licenses. This is to ensure that there have been no criminal activities or disciplinary actions against you since your last renewal.

3. Renewal Fee

There is a fee associated with renewing your RN license in Florida. The exact amount may vary, so make sure to check the current fee schedule on the Florida Board of Nursing’s website.

4. Renewal Application

The renewal application process in Florida is typically available online. You’ll need to complete the application and pay the renewal fee. During the application process, you may be required to attest to statements about your qualifications, including affirming that you’ve met the continuing education requirements and that you are in good standing in your practice.

5. License Verification

To start, you want to be sure that you even qualify for RN license renewal in Florida, to begin with. If you are not even eligible, then creating your application would be a waste of time. Ensure that there are no pending investigations or disciplinary actions against you. This can often be done by contacting the Florida Board of Nursing or checking their online license verification tool.

6. Timely Submission

To avoid late fees or penalties, renew your license on time. In Florida, the expiration date for RN licenses is typically on April 30th of even-numbered years. Some states may offer a grace period, but it’s always advisable to renew well before the expiration date to avoid any complications.

7. Notification

While the Florida Board of Nursing may send renewal reminders, it is ultimately your responsibility to renew your license on time. Keep your contact information updated with the licensing authority to ensure that you receive any renewal notifications.

The Florida RN License Renewal Process

Now that we’ve covered the essential requirements, let’s walk through the renewal process step by step:

Step 1: Continuing Education

Start by completing your required continuing education hours. To ensure that the courses you take are approved, visit the Florida Board of Nursing’s website for a list of approved providers and courses.

Step 2: Background Check and Fingerprinting

If background check and fingerprinting are required, initiate the process well in advance of your license expiration date. Check the Florida Board of Nursing’s website for guidance on how to complete this step.

Step 3: Renewal Fee

Determine the current renewal fee and make the payment online through the Florida Board of Nursing’s website.

Step 4: Renewal Application

Access the online renewal application through the Florida Board of Nursing’s website. Follow the instructions provided, complete the application, and submit it with the required fee.

Step 5: License Verification

Before proceeding with your renewal, verify that your license is in good standing. Ensure there are no disciplinary actions or investigations against you. You can typically check this on the Florida Board of Nursing’s website or by contacting them directly.

Step 6: Timely Submission

Submit your renewal application well before the license expiration date. This will help you avoid late fees and complications related to expired licenses.

Step 7: Notification

While you may receive renewal reminders from the Florida Board of Nursing, it’s your responsibility to stay informed about your renewal date and complete the process on time. Ensure that your contact information is up to date with the licensing authority.

Tips for a Smooth Florida RN License Renewal

With the right mindset and approach, applying for RN license renewal in Florida does not have to be an agonizing or stressful process.

1. Plan Ahead

Start preparing for your renewal well in advance of the expiration date. Begin gathering the required documents and completing your continuing education hours early to avoid any last-minute stress.

2. Keep Accurate Records

Maintain detailed records of your continuing education activities, as you may be required to provide documentation during the renewal process. This can include certificates, course names, dates, and contact information for course providers.

3. Stay Informed

Regularly check the Florida Board of Nursing’s website for updates and changes to the renewal process. Subscribe to email notifications or newsletters to stay informed about any important news or alterations to requirements.

4. Seek Support

If you have questions or encounter challenges during the renewal process, don’t hesitate to reach out to the Florida Board of Nursing. They can provide guidance and assistance to ensure a successful renewal.

5. Join Professional Organizations

Consider becoming a member of professional nursing organizations in Florida. These organizations often provide resources and information related to license renewal and continuing education opportunities.

6. Networking

Connect with fellow RNs who have gone through the renewal process in Florida. They can provide insights and advice on how to navigate the requirements effectively.


To practice legally and safely, you need to be diligent about renewing your RN license in Florida. It does not have to be a stressful or cumbersome experience, provided that you approach it correctly. By staying informed about the requirements, planning ahead, and following the steps outlined in this guide, you can ensure a smooth and successful renewal process.

Licensing requirements can change, so it’s crucial to verify the most current requirements on the Florida Board of Nursing’s website. With the right preparation and timely action, you can continue your nursing career with a renewed license and the peace of mind.

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