How to Keep Your Nursing Shoes Clean

HCPs get their shoes dirty all the time. In the middle of a shift, it can get exposed to all kinds of fluids and substances. Footwear does not come cheap, and you want to make your nursing shoes last as long as possible. Before they end up filthy and unusable, keep your work shoes clean with these foolproof tips and tricks.

Check Material

Not all cleaning methods are compatible with every material. You may be able to throw some nursing shoes into the washing machine, but others will just get damaged. Find out what your shoes are made of before you proceed with cleaning them.

Throw Them in the Washing Machine

If your shoes are made of non-leather material like synthetic nursing shoes, then you can throw them into the washing machine. This also works for thin fabric shoes and thin leather uppers. At all costs, you want to avoid putting in clog-type shoes. They are often too heavy and can damage washing machines as a result.

Air-Dry Your Washed Shoes

After you wash your shoes, avoid putting them in the dryer. This will inevitably damage both the machine and your shoes. Depending on the material, your shoes may end up shrinking or the soles will get destroyed by the constant banging around the dryer’s interior. Instead, air-dry them in a well-ventilated area and/or in front of the fan. This ensures clean, dry and undamaged nursing shoes.

Disinfect Your Shoes

If you are using heavy leather shoes or you wanna avoid using the washing machine too much, you can simply disinfect your shoes. This can be done with a spray mixture of cold water and vinegar or simple disinfectant wipes. The latter is quick and convenient, but it may damage leather over a period of time. In that case, you want to moisturize your shoes before wiping them down. The water and vinegar mixture may seem crude, but it is a sustainable and quick way of keeping your shoes clean.

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