How to Renew Nursing License in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania  is an attractive destination for the best HCPs in the country, and it is not hard to see why. As the most populous state (around 39.2), demand for healthcare is sky high and will only grow in the coming years. As a result, HCPs enjoy high employment rates and some of the best healthcare salaries in the country. No RN, CN or LPN can sit on their laurels, however, and Pennsylvania -based nurses are no exception. You will be expected to periodically renew your license. Like every other state, Pennsylvania  has its own unique renewal process and requirements. To help you out with your next renewal, we have laid out a step-by-step guide for nurse license renewal in the Golden State. 

Renewing your HCP License 

Keep track of the renewal period

Before anything else, you need to know when your license expires. When you know the renewal period, you can better plan out your continuing education requirements, document gathering, and more. This lets you finish all your renewal requirements on time, or well in advance. In Pennsylvania, RN licenses must be renewed every 2 years on April 30 or October 31. Meanwhile, LPNs have to renew every June 30 on even numbered years. CNAs also have to renew their practice licenses every two years. 

Fulfill your continuing education requirements 

The Pennsylvania board of nursing wants to make sure that their HCPs are up to date with best HCP practices and actively practicing in their profession. To this end, healthcare professionals on all levels must complete a number of Continuing Education Units (CEUs), if they want to renew their licenses and keep practicing. The specific requirements will depend on your profession. Both RNs and LPNs have to complete 30 contact hours, to fulfill their CEU requirements. 2 or 3 of these hours (depending on whether or not it is a first-time application) must be fulfilled with an approved course on Child Abuse. Instead of a continuing education requirement, CNAs have to fulfill 8 salaried hours of nurse aide work at an approved facility, across the last 24 months. 

Apply for online licensure renewal 

Everything has been moved to the internet, nowadays, and HCP licensure renewal is no exception. Pennsylvania’s HCPs can now finish the bulk of the renewal process at the comfort of their own homes. The PA board of nursing has outlined the step-by-step online renewal process on their official site. In summary: 

Access the Pennsylvania Licensing System (PALS.)  The Board of Nursing highly recommends completing these steps on your laptop/desktop and through the Internet Explorer browser. You may experience technical difficulties applying on your phone, tablet, or another browser. Meanwhile, CNAs have a slightly different renewal process. They must apply through the official CNA365 hosted by Credentia. They can complete their application and submit their requirements, through this site.

You will be sent a notice from, notifying you prior to your license’s expiration. This email will contain your login information for PALS. You can also register on the PALS website. Once you are in, you can click on the renewal application page. It is recommended that you read every question thoroughly, in order to provide the best and most accurate information. 

Once you have submitted your requirements and filled out your application, you can now pay for the renewal fee. Currently RNs have to pay $122 for their renewals, while LPNs pay $76. These fees are subject to change. 

Contact information 

For more details or clarification, it is recommended that you contact the Pennsylvania board of nursing directly. All their relevant contact information and communication channels are listed below: 

Mail Address:
State Board of Nursing
P.O. Box 2649
Harrisburg, PA 17105-2649

Phone Number: (717) 783-7142

Fax Number: (717) 783-0822


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