How to Renew RN License in Pennsylvania

In every state, registered nurses are expected to renew their licenses. This ensures to the PA Board of Nursing that their RNs are actively practicing, and continually studying to stay updated and educated. Nursing is constantly changing, and nurses have to keep up with the newest best practices, discoveries and technological advances. To ensure a hassle free renewal process, this page will show you how to renew your Pennsylvania RN license, step by step.

Figure Out the Renewal Period 

Renewing your license requires compiling documents, finishing a number of classes, gathering your license renewal fee and more. If you know when your license will expire, you can plan things accordingly and have everything ready just before the end of the renewal cycle, or well in advance. For RNs, licensure expires every two years on April 30 or October 31. 

Fulfill Renewal Requirements 

There are a handful of Pennsylvania RN renewal requirements that you must complete on or before your license expires. To begin, you need to complete 30 hours of continuing education from an approved provider. Without accreditation from the state, your hours will not be recognized. 2 hours must be allotted to Child Abuse Recognition and Reporting (otherwise known as Child Abuse CE.) The government provides a list of approved Child Abuse courses here. 

Apply for online licensure renewal 

PA-based RNs can complete their renewal applications online. The PA Board of Nursing compiled a list of tips for registered nurses looking to renew their license here. To summarize the document:

Register and Login to the Pennsylvania Licensing System (PALS.) Do this on Internet Explorer and through a laptop or desktop to avoid bugs and compatibility issues. Your login information will be provided to you by a Renewal Notice sent by, prior to expiration. If you cannot find it in your email, check your spam folder.

When you have gained access to the site, carefully go through your renewal application. Answer all the questions as truthfully and accurately as possible. Review the questions and your answers, before submitting. After you fill out the application and submit your requirements, you can pay the renewal fee. As was mentioned before, RNs will be expected to pay $122 biannually. 

Contact information 

The renewal process and guidelines can change at any moment. If you have any questions, it is recommended that you contact the PA Board of Nursing directly. To help, listed below are their official channels of communication: 

Mail Address:
State Board of Nursing
P.O. Box 2649
Harrisburg, PA 17105-2649

Phone Number: (717) 783-7142

Fax Number: (717) 783-0822


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