Montana RN License Renewal

Montana RN license

Renewing your Montana Registered Nurse (RN) license is a crucial step in maintaining your ability to practice nursing in the state. By consistently renewing your license, you can continue to practice safely and legally while showing your employers and contemporaries that you are devoted to continually improving as a nurse and staying updated with changing best practices.  In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through the Montana RN license renewal process, answering common questions and providing tips for a smooth renewal experience.

Renewal Basics

Why Renewal is Important

Your Montana RN license has to be renewed and maintained, if an RN wants to practice unimpeded. Every state has their own license renewal processes to maintain a certain standard of healthcare. An active license demonstrates to employers and patients that you meet the necessary educational and professional standards required to provide safe, quality care.

Renewal Requirements

To renew your Montana RN license, you must meet specific requirements set by the Montana Board of Nursing (MBON). These requirements include completing continuing education (CE) hours, adhering to any background check or fingerprinting requirements, and ensuring you are in good standing with the MBON.

Renewal Schedule

RN licenses in Montana must be renewed every two years. The renewal cycle coincides with your initial licensure month and ends on the last day of your birth month. It is your responsibility to ensure timely renewal to avoid late fees or license expiration.

Preparing for Renewal

Continuing Education Requirements

Montana RNs are required to complete 24 hours of continuing education (CE) during each renewal period. At the time of writing, these CE hours should include at least two hours of lessons related to state/federal laws and regulations that affect Montana’s nurses. Ensure that the CE courses you choose are approved by the MBON to avoid any issues during the renewal process.

Fees and Payment Options

As of the knowledge cutoff date in September 2021, the RN license renewal fee in Montana was $100. Fees are subject to change, so it’s essential to check the most up-to-date fee schedule on the Montana Board of Nursing website. Payment options typically include credit or debit cards when renewing online, and checks or money orders for paper renewals.

Required Documentation

When renewing your RN license, you will need to provide documentation to verify your continuing education completion. Keep records of your CE certificates, as the MBON may request these as part of the renewal process. Additionally, ensure your personal information, such as your address and contact information, is up-to-date with the MBON.

The Renewal Process

Online Renewal

Like other states, Montana has embraced an online renewal process that makes things faster and more convenient for both parties involved. The MBON offers an online renewal portal, which allows you to complete your renewal application, pay the required fee, and upload the necessary documentation.

Paper Renewal

If you prefer not to renew online, paper renewal options are available. You can request a paper renewal application from the Montana Board of Nursing. Be sure to complete the application accurately and mail it along with the required fee and documentation to the MBON’s address provided on the form. Paper renewals may take longer to process.

Verification of Licensure

During the renewal process, the Montana Board of Nursing may conduct a verification of licensure to ensure you are in good standing with the board. It’s crucial to have all necessary documentation in order and to promptly respond to any requests from the MBON to avoid delays in the renewal process.

Common Renewal Pitfalls

Late Renewal

Renewing your RN license late can result in additional fees and penalties. To avoid late renewal, mark your calendar with your renewal month and set reminders well in advance. The MBON typically sends renewal notices, but it’s your responsibility to ensure timely renewal.

Incomplete Documentation

By keeping accurate documents and records proving that you completed your Continuing Education, your application and future audits from MBON will become far more cumbersome and inconvenient. Keep records of your CE certificates and ensure they align with the MBON’s requirements.

License Inactivation

If you fail to renew your Montana RN license by the expiration date, it may become inactive. An inactive license means you cannot practice nursing in Montana until it is reinstated. To reinstate an inactive license, you may need to meet additional requirements and pay additional fees.

Renewal for Out-of-State RNs


If you are a licensed RN from another state, and you want to take up a role in Montana, then you can seek licensure via endorsement. This process involves submitting your application, providing proof of your current out-of-state license, and meeting Montana’s requirements. The specific requirements for endorsement can vary, so it’s essential to check the MBON’s website for the most up-to-date information.

Temporary Permits

Montana may issue temporary permits to out-of-state RNs who are in the process of obtaining full licensure through endorsement. These permits allow you to practice nursing in Montana while your application is being processed.

License Reinstatement

Expired License

If your Montana RN license has expired, you may be eligible for license reinstatement. The requirements for reinstatement can vary depending on the length of time your license has expired. You may need to complete additional CE hours, pay reinstatement fees, and meet other conditions set by the MBON.

Inactive Status

If you placed your Montana RN license on inactive status and wish to return to active practice, you will need to contact the MBON to discuss the requirements for reactivating your license. This process may also involve completing CE hours and paying any applicable fees.

Resources for Montana RNs

Montana Board of Nursing

The Montana Board of Nursing is your primary resource for information on RN license renewal, endorsement, and other licensing matters. Their website provides access to forms, renewal information, and contact details.

Continuing Education Providers

Several organizations and educational institutions offer approved CE courses for Montana RNs. Check the MBON’s list of approved providers to ensure you are completing CE that meets the board’s requirements.


Visit the MBON website for a list of frequently asked questions related to RN licensure and renewal. This resource can provide answers to common queries and help you navigate the renewal process.


Renewing your Montana RN license is a critical step in maintaining your nursing career in the state. Contrary to popular belief, it does not have to be this arcane or inconvenient process. Provided that you stay on top of your CE requirements, prepare things early, and stay updated on the latest changes in requirements, applying for RN license renewal can be stress free and manageable. Remember to mark your renewal month on your calendar, keep your documentation in order, and take advantage of online renewal options for added convenience. Maintaining an active license demonstrates your commitment to providing safe and competent care to your patients, and it is a testament to your dedication to the nursing profession.

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