Must-Have Working Shoes for Male and Female Nurses

Nurse shifts can be long, demanding and physically taxing. As you walk around fulfilling your daily tasks, you want functional and comfortable work shoes to ease some of the burden.

In fact, the shoes that nurses wear can have a huge impact on their long term foot health. 

With so many brands and models available in the market, it can be difficult to find the right pair for you. Before you commit to anything, consider these nursing shoes we highly recommend. 

Why are nursing shoes so important? 

Nursing takes a large physical toll on you. Over the course of a shift, HCPs find themselves constantly on their feet, with little rest in between. It is estimated that nurses take over 9,000 steps per shift. 

As if that was not enough, nurses are commonly assigned various menial tasks. During a shift, they can expect to carry patients and all sorts of medical equipment, from room to room. 

If you are not careful, the physical toll can add up in a very real way. HCPs commonly deal with all sorts of foot pain and problems, such as callouses, minor deformities and more. 

How often should I replace my nursing shoes? 

Nurses tend to wear out their work shoes pretty quickly .Because of all the distance you will cover, most work shoes do not last longer than 6 months or 350-500 total miles.

Walking with worn out sneakers can lead to foot pain and minor complications, down the line. To protect your feet, you want to get a new pair of shoes at least every 6 months. 

How often should nurses replace shoes? 

You do not want to wear the same pair of shoes, every nursing shift. This will speed up the inevitable wear-and-tear, and will cost you more overall. 

Most nurses have multiple work shoes that they rotate between every other day. This lets your shoes last longer, and even lets you vary your style and appearance. 

Having a pair of shoes for every work day might be excessive and practical. In most cases, 3 work shoes will more than suffice. 

What kind of shoes am I looking for? 

Nurses want to look for comfortable shoes with form functionality. You have to make sure the supportive soles are thick enough to support your weight. Quality arch support is also key for foot and ankle stability. 

If possible, find shoes with a wipe-off surface. You are going to expose yourself to a lot of bodily fluids and miscellaneous substances that could stain your sneakers. 

In summary, the best shoes for nurses standing all day are comfortable, functional and stylish. With all this in mind, here are some nursing shoes worth considering: 

Best shoes for female nurses

Ryka Women’s Devotion Plus 2  ($75) 

The Women’s Devotion Plus is another fitness shoe that happens to be perfect for nursing. For years, Ryka has tailored their designs to the unique needs of women’s feet. 

The mesh is engineered to be light and breathable, without being brittle. The rubber outsoles are durable and supportive, while the insoles are soft and cushon-y. 

BALA Twelves ($150)

The BALA shoe line was specifically tailored for female nurses. With active arch assist, a liquid-resistant and machine washable surface, and comfortable cushion, the BALA Twelves will keep you comfortable throughout your entire shift. 

On the BALA website, HCPs can choose between several colors, including (but not limited to) Nocturnal Black, Shade Gray and Flow White. 

Dansko Paisley Sneakers ($149.95)

The Paisley Sneakers are everything an HCP could ask for. The slip resistant soles prevent any clumsy workplace accidents, while the waterproof surface wards off any unwanted stains. 

These shoes may not be explicitly designed for nursing shifts, but they boast the comfort, durability and functionality that HCPs desire.

Naples – Black Smooth ($144.95)

Klogs’s shoes for nurses provide the perfect intersection between style and comfort. With contoured outsoles and dual elastic side goring, their shoes stay on your feet while maintaining a comfortable fit. 

We recommend the Black Smooth model, as it is the simplest and sleekest design they have to offer. If you are feeling more adventurous, however, Klogs provides a variety of different styles worth checking out. 

Best shoes for male nurses

FIGS New Balance 327 Unisex ($128)

With a 70’s inspired look, the FIGS New Balance 327 is a winner. It blends old-school aesthetics with modern form functionality from shoes that nurses wear. The entire shoe is waterproof, which is invaluable in a healthcare setting.

The antimicrobial insoles help with preventing foot odor while the lightweight design lets your feet breathe throughout the day. 

Brooks Men’s Run Merry Levitate 6 Running Shoes ($149.95)

Originally designed for runners, Brooks shoes are one of the best shoes for male nurses. The creel mesh material and specially-designed midsole foam are designed to be comfortable and breathable. 

At the same time, the pair boasts runner-level shock absorption, which only helps with demanding physical tasks. It is the perfect shoe for nurses standing and walking all day. 

Gales Men’s Frontline Shoes  ($89.95)

Gales shoes were designed, from the ground up, to support nurses. The fluid resistant surface can be cleaned with just a wipe-down. The insoles provide sturdy and sufficient protection, for those long nursing hours. 

Between Pink, Charcoal and Navy, HCPs can choose the color variant that fits them best. Compared to some of the items listed, Gales is also one of the more affordable brands. 

If you are in the market for slip on shoes for nurses, it does not get better than this. 

Men’s Arahi 6 ($140)

With a specially-molded footbed, the Arahi 6 provides the kind of protection nurses are searching for. The model is light and comfortable, without compromising on the sturdiness and durability nurses need. Among the shoes for mens nurses, this is one of the best. 

Customers can choose between 9 colors, regular and wide-sized fits.

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