The Best Scrubs for HCPs in 2023

You may not put much thought into it, but you will be wearing your scrubs throughout your entire 8 to 12-hour shift. You want to make sure you find a set that makes you feel comfortable, all throughout. At the same time, there is a level of professionalism that HCPs are expected to maintain. How the Registered Nurses or Nurse Aides present themselves reflects directly on the company, and your uniform is a key part of this.

On top of comfort and professionalism, you want scrubs that look good on you. It may not seem important, but feeling stylish can be a subtle, but appreciated confidence booster. When you are saving lives, these seemingly meaningless margins can mean the world.  The best HCPs deserve the best work uniforms that marry form and functionality. In this article, we will go over some of the most well-received scrubs brands for 2023.

For Women


 If you are a female nurse in the market for a form-fitting yet snug set of scrubs, then Wonderwink may be what you are looking for. The scrubs are cut closer to your shape to marry a stylish, flattering look along with comfort. The mix of rayon, polyester and spandex fabrics ensures that HCPs can wear these scrubs throughout the day without worrying about skin irritation or chaffing. We highly recommend the WonderWink Women’s Origins Bravo Scrub Top, which boasts 4.1 stars on Amazon, over 16,000+ reviews at the time of writing. Priced at $18.98, customers have praised these tops for their incredible quality given their price range. If you are looking for an affordable yet quality product, Wonderwink is as good as it gets for female HCPs.


Easily one of the most acclaimed and renowned brands listed here, you cannot go wrong with Cherokee’s scrubs. Whether you are a man or a woman, they consistently put out high-quality HCP scrubs and products. Their fabric mix maintains a light, breathable feel while boasting enough durability to be washer-friendly. Cherokee’s scrubs are comfortable and easy to wear, without sacrificing the utility, durability, and quality that you want out of your work scrubs. Among their catalog, the Cherokee Women Scrubs Top Workwear Revolution V-Neck WW620 currently holds a 4.6 rating across 29,000+ Amazon user reviews. Depending on your size, the price will range from $23.99 to $27.57. In particular, users love the feel of the thin material, the breadth of plus-size options, and the snug, form-fitting fit.

Grey’s Anatomy

Created by Barco, this line of sleek nursing outfits is more than just a tie-in to the eponymous TV show. With a premium fabric blend of polyester and rayon, the Grey’s Anatomy scrubs are guaranteed to provide a comfortable fit that does not skimp out on style or sleekness, in the slightest. Side vents and princess seaming further increase the sense of lightness and breathability that is valued out of a modern-day set of scrubs. In addition, the material is durable and flexible enough to withstand machine washing and countless HCP shifts. Although certain sets can get pricey, these scrubs are a perfect all-in-one package that any female HCP should consider. BARCO Grey’s Anatomy Women’s Mia Top sits at a 4.6 rating with around 2,300 user reviews and a $28.99. Though some users have noted a ‘smaller than expected” fit, the product is generally beloved for its stylishness, comfortable material, and form-fitting qualities.

 FIGS Scrubs

 If you feel like spending extra on a set of high-quality nursing outfits, then you want to consider FIGs scrubs. Their proprietary FIONx fabric mix ensures comfort, while “Silvadur technology” protects HCPs from bad body odor. The durable material also protects against wrinkles, thanks to its moisture-wicking and four-way stretch quality. Throughout your shift, FIGS scrubs remain dry and durable without sacrificing any breathability or comfort. You still want to follow the washing instructions, unlike some of the other scrubs listed, but the sheer quality more than makes up for this. As the cherry on top, the FIGS Casma Scrub Tops for Women provides a v-neck look for HCPs who want to stay stylish while mixing things up a little. Though the current price of $48.00 is a significant step up, the product’s 4.8 Amazon rating over 2,700+ reviews is a testament to its quality. For some users, the figure fit is not what they expected, but the comfort and quality of the material are acclaimed all throughout.

For Men


 No doubt you are already well aware of Dickies’ for their jeans, work shirts and overalls. On top of all these, the company provides some of the best men’s scrubs currently available in the market. Dickies’ scrubs boast four-way stretching fabric that increases durability without sacrificing any breathability. This makes their scrubs very washing machine friendly, which increases their value further. Uniquely, these outfits also have an athletic aesthetic that resembles workout gear, which allows you to stand out from the crowd without looking too jarring. In particular, we highly recommend the Dickies Dynamix Scrubs for Men. Currently, the price sits at $32.99 while it holds a 4.6 rating on Amazon, across 3,000+ reviews. Along with quality fabric material, the v-neck and athletic cut make this an excellent option for male HCPs who want to mix things up. This is all while maintaining an exceptional level of quality and functionality.


Maybe you want to save some money on scrubs. Even on a budget, there are a number of high-quality options available to the working man. Dagacci has built a reputation for good quality HCP outfits sold at a bargain price. Their polyester and cotton blended poplin still provide the comfort and malleability that any HCP wants out of their work outfit. This material also maintains a level of durability that allows it to survive the machine wash fine. The style and v-neck cut also offers a stylish look, regardless of the figure. The Dagacci Scrubs Medical Uniform Men’s Scrub Set boasts all these qualities while being sold at a reasonable $23.99. At a 4.3 Amazon rating with over 5,900+ reviews, you are guaranteed the bang for your buck.


For centuries, Carharrt has built a reputation as one of the best work outfit manufacturers in the entire world. Unsurprisingly, the company also provides some of the best men’s scrubs available on the market, right now. Carhartt’s scrubs boast a subtle but rugged styling and cut. Mel HCPs can finally express their individuality and masculinity in a reasonable, understated way. Its fabric blend of cotton and polyester maintains the perfect durability and flexibility for machine washing while providing HCPs with the comfort and breathability that they deserve. With a strong appearance that preserves form functionality, the Carhartt Men’s Ripstop Utility Scrub Top receives a resounding seal of approval. Its $23.98 price tag is attainable for the working man, while a 4.6 Amazon rating over 3,300+ reviews is a further testament to its quality.


 As was mentioned earlier, Cherokee provides perfect options for both male and female HCPs alike. The blend of durability, stylishness, comfort, and customizability has few equals in the market today. As it is with the women, men have a bevy of options to choose from, on the Cherokee catalog. In particular, we highly recommend the Cherokee Scrubs for Men Workwear Professionals V-Neck Four-Pocket Scrub Top WW695. The price can range between $19.95 to $30.87, depending on the model you choose and your size. Regardless of what you take, you can rest assured that you are purchasing one of the highest-quality scrubs options available in your price range. At 4.6 over 9,700+ reviews at the time of writing, this is easily the best-reviewed item mentioned thus far. Users across the country have raved about its functionality, light-fitting material, and durability in the machine wash.

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