Wyoming RN License Renewal Guide

wyoming rn license renewal

To keep practicing, Registered Nurses (RNs) periodically have to renew their RN licenses in Wyoming.  Ensuring that your license is up-to-date allows you to continue practicing legally and providing high-quality care to patients. In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through the process of renewing your Wyoming RN license, covering important deadlines, requirements, and essential tips to make the renewal process as smooth as possible.

We will also address frequently asked questions to clarify any doubts you may have about the renewal process. Whether you’re a seasoned RN or a recent graduate, understanding the renewal process is vital to maintaining your professional standing and continuing your nursing journey in Wyoming.

Understanding Wyoming RN License Renewal

Renewing your RN license is a fundamental responsibility for every nurse in Wyoming. The Wyoming State Board of Nursing oversees the licensing and renewal process to ensure that nurses maintain their competence and meet the state’s standards for nursing practice. If you fail to renew your license,  you may be subject to disciplinary action. Worst case scenario, your license may even be suspended or even revoked by the Wyoming State Board of Nursing.

Licensing Board: Wyoming State Board of Nursing

The Wyoming State Board of Nursing is the regulatory authority responsible for issuing and renewing nursing licenses in the state. They set the rules and regulations governing the practice of nursing and oversee the renewal process. It’s essential to stay informed about any updates or changes to the renewal requirements by regularly visiting the board’s website or contacting them directly.

Renewal Period and Deadlines

Wyoming RN licenses must be renewed every two years. The renewal period typically begins on the first day of the licensee’s birth month and ends on the last day of the birth month two years later. It’s crucial to be aware of your specific renewal period, as failing to renew within the designated time frame can result in additional fees or penalties.

Eligibility Requirements for RN License Renewal

To renew your Wyoming RN license successfully, you must meet specific eligibility requirements. These requirements are designed to ensure that nurses continue to provide safe and competent care to patients. Here are the key eligibility criteria:

Continuing Education and Active Practice

RN license renewal in Wyoming requires one of the following: either a sufficient amount of Continuing Education (CE) Hours or sufficient proof that you are actively practicing for a minimum amount of hours. You must demonstrate that you have engaged in the practice of nursing or completed continuing education during the renewal period. This requirement helps ensure that you remain current in your nursing knowledge and skills.

The Wyoming State Board of Nursing generally requires a minimum of 500 hours of active practice or completion of at least 20 contact hours of continuing education within the two-year renewal period. It’s essential to maintain records of your practice hours or continuing education activities, as you may be audited during the renewal process.

Criminal Background Check and Fingerprints

Another crucial requirement for RN license renewal in Wyoming is a criminal background check and fingerprinting. You must complete this process to ensure that you do not have any disqualifying criminal convictions. The board may deny or delay your renewal if you have a criminal history that raises concerns about your fitness to practice nursing.

Payment of Renewal Fees

Like with the majority of states, renewing your RN license in Wyoming will entail paying a renewal fee. The fee amount can vary, so it’s essential to check the current fee schedule on the Wyoming State Board of Nursing’s website. You can usually pay these fees online through the board’s online portal or by mail.

It’s important to note that the renewal process may also include providing proof of U.S. citizenship or immigration status. Ensure that you have all the required documentation in advance to avoid delays in your renewal.

Steps to Renew Your Wyoming RN License

Renewing your Wyoming RN license involves several steps, and it’s essential to follow them carefully to ensure a smooth renewal process. Here’s a detailed overview of each step:

Step 1: Complete Continuing Education Requirements

Before proceeding any further, you want to be sure you have completed all your continuing educational requirements, as established by the WSBN. This typically involves completing a minimum number of contact hours related to nursing practice within the renewal period. These contact hours can be obtained through various approved methods, such as workshops, online courses, or conferences.

Keep records of your completed continuing education activities, as you may be required to provide documentation as part of the renewal process.

Step 2: Gather Necessary Documentation

Before initiating the renewal process, gather all the necessary documentation. This may include:

  • Proof of continuing education completion.
  • Criminal background check results and fingerprinting documentation.
  • Proof of U.S. citizenship or immigration status.
  • Previous license renewal certificates (if applicable).
  • Payment for renewal fees.

Having all the required documents ready will streamline the renewal process and reduce the likelihood of any delays or issues.

Step 3: Submit Your Application

Once you have collected all the requirements to renew your RN License in Wyoming, all you have to do is send your application to the Wyoming State Board of Nursing. Luckily, this part of the process is far more straightforward and simple to grasp. You can typically find the application form on the board’s website or through their online portal. Complete the application accurately and provide all requested information, including your contact details, license number, and any additional documentation required.

Step 4: Pay Renewal Fees

Along with your renewal application, you will need to submit the appropriate renewal fees. Ensure that you check the current fee schedule on the board’s website and include the correct payment method with your application. Most boards accept payment online, but you may also have the option to mail a check or money order.

Step 5: Verification of Licensure

The Wyoming State Board of Nursing may require verification of your licensure in other states if you hold multiple nursing licenses. Be prepared to provide this information if requested.

Step 6: Confirmation of Renewal

Once you have completed all the necessary steps and submitted your renewal application, the board will review your application and documentation. If everything is in order and you meet all the requirements, your RN license will be renewed. You should receive confirmation of your renewal, either by mail or email, along with a new license certificate.

Just remember to create and store copies of your renewed license, along with your other documents. This allows you to present something to employers who want to verify your licensure, or in case the Wyoming State Board of Nursing holds a random audit of your current RN credentials.

Renewal by Endorsement

If you are an out-of-state RN moving to Wyoming, you may be eligible for renewal by endorsement. This process allows you to transfer your nursing license from another state to Wyoming. Here are the key points to consider for renewal by endorsement:

Out-of-State RNs Moving to Wyoming

If you are currently licensed as an RN in another state and plan to practice in Wyoming, you will need to apply for licensure by endorsement. This process allows you to use your existing license as a basis for obtaining a Wyoming RN license.

Additional Requirements for Endorsement

While the specific requirements for endorsement may vary, you can generally expect to provide the following:

  • Verification of your current and active nursing license in another state.
  • Proof of education and qualifications that meet Wyoming’s standards.
  • Criminal background check results and fingerprinting documentation.
  • Payment of endorsement fees.

The Wyoming State Board of Nursing will review your application and supporting documents to determine if you are eligible for licensure by endorsement.

Application Process

To acquire your license via endorsement, you have to send your request via an application to the Wyoming State Board of Nursing. This application typically includes providing all the required documentation, completing the criminal background check, and paying the applicable fees.

Once your application is approved, you will receive your Wyoming RN license, allowing you to practice nursing in the state.

Commonly Asked Questions About Wyoming RN License Renewal

Here are some frequently asked questions regarding the renewal of RN licenses in Wyoming:

What happens if I miss the renewal deadline?

If you fail to renew your RN license by the specified deadline, you may incur additional fees or penalties. It’s crucial to renew on time to avoid any disruptions in your nursing practice. If you have missed the deadline, contact the Wyoming State Board of Nursing immediately to inquire about the steps to rectify the situation.

Can I renew my license online?

Yes, the Wyoming State Board of Nursing typically offers an online renewal option for RN licenses. Online renewal is a convenient way to complete the renewal process, as it allows you to submit your application and payment electronically. Be sure to check the board’s website for specific instructions on online renewal.

Do I need to complete continuing education?

Yes, most RNs in Wyoming are required to complete continuing education as part of the renewal process. The specific number of contact hours and the topics covered may vary, so it’s essential to review the board’s requirements and ensure you meet them before renewing your license.

How much does it cost to renew my RN license?

The fee for renewing your RN license in Wyoming varies, as the exact number is subject to change at any given time.  It’s crucial to check the current fee schedule on the Wyoming State Board of Nursing’s website to determine the exact amount you need to pay for renewal.

Tips for a Smooth Wyoming RN License Renewal Process

With the right approach and preparation, renewing your RN license in Wyoming can be a hassle free endeavor with minimal roadblocks or complications. Here are some tips to help ensure a smooth renewal:

Plan Ahead

Start the renewal process well in advance of the expiration date to allow time for gathering documentation and completing any required continuing education. Avoid waiting until the last minute, as this can lead to unnecessary stress.

Keep Records

Maintain accurate records of your continuing education activities, practice hours, and any other documentation required for renewal. This will make it easier to complete the renewal application and provide evidence of compliance if audited.

Stay Informed

Regularly check the Wyoming State Board of Nursing’s website for updates, changes to renewal requirements, and any announcements related to the renewal process. Staying informed will help you avoid surprises during the renewal process.

Seek Support if Needed

If you encounter any difficulties or have questions about the renewal process, don’t hesitate to reach out to the Wyoming State Board of Nursing for assistance. They can provide guidance and address any concerns you may have.


By renewing your RN license in Wyoming, you are reassuring your employers, co-workers, and the patients that trust you. You show them that you are prepared to dedicate yourself towards your continuous improvement and that you continue to meet the standard of excellence that should be expected from RNs. By understanding the renewal process, meeting eligibility requirements, and following the necessary steps, you can navigate the process smoothly and keep your license current.

From time to time, check with the Wyoming State Board of Nursing regarding renewal deadlines, details, and requirements. Staying updated helps ensure that you are never caught off guard by a sudden change. If you end up getting blindsided and you have to submit your application late, you may face a number of different consequences. Plan ahead, keep records, and seek support if needed to ensure a successful RN license renewal in Wyoming.

In conclusion, maintaining your RN license is not just a legal requirement; it reflects your commitment to the nursing profession and your dedication to providing safe and competent care to patients in Wyoming. Stay proactive in renewing your license, and you’ll continue to make a positive impact on the healthcare community.

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