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Even now, nurse short staffing in California healthcare facilities persists. Short staffing has gotten so dramatic that the National Guard stepped in to intervene, last year. Thanks to this demand, California remains one of the best-paying states for nurses in 2023. Are you a California nurse looking to maximize your opportunities? If so, VitaWerks is here to help! All you have to do is sign up and install our app!

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  • Discover the best-paying shifts in California’s biggest cities, such as San Francisco, Los Angeles, Sacramento, San Jose, and San Diego.
  • Receive your payments on time.
  • Set your hours as you plan your work schedule well in advance.
  • Work as much as you want and achieve that coveted work-life balance.
  • Find jobs at facilities that are close to California’s best nursing schools, like the University of California- Los Angeles, University of San Francisco, University of California- Irvine, San Diego State University and more!

Find The Best Nursing Shifts Available To You, Today

California is the only state with enforced staffing ratio mandates. Despite this, hospitals continue to be overcrowded and undermanned. Thanks to burnout and the pandemic, facilities are straining to meet the state’s mandates. Prominent hospitals across the state have also complained that their rooms have been overcrowded beyond the intended capacity. In the middle of these conditions, nurses are straining under the stress and expected workload.
VitaWerks strongly objects to these current conditions. When we established our healthcare marketplace, we did so with the intent of making healthcare a better place. Our VitaHeroes get the money that they deserve and the option to work in the facilities they want. We believe that if nurses are offered this flexibility without compromising their earnings, then they will be more likely to stay in nursing. We want to attack the nursing shortages head-on and help HCPs and facilities alike with sustaining success and maintaining world-class healthcare services.

The Vitawerks Difference

Every VitaHero that joins our platform matters. When you find shifts through our app, we want to ensure your safety and success at all times. Rest assured that you will receive compensation that exceeds even the California average. You can pick up shifts on your own time, at your discretion and with the facilities you prefer. At VitaWerks, the healthcare heroes get to steer their careers.

If you are interested, then you can join at any time. The process is simple: log on to the VitaWerks app with your credentials, and look for shifts with our search filters. We want you to work with facilities that match your preferences or skillset. Here, no one sets the hours more than you. You are your boss, and you deserve to enjoy that.

Testimonials From Our VitaHeroes

Our main goal is to help the HCPs who sign up with us. In our opinion, every HCP deserves the opportunity to succeed and the option to do so on their terms. If you do not believe that that is the case, listen to this testimonial.

Ever since Miriam started booking shifts with VitaWerks, everything clicked in place. Not only does she find more satisfaction in her work, she now has more time to tend to herself and her needs.

Every day, this healthcare marketplace only continues to expand. We are always looking for more HCPs, as our features and partnered facility list expands. If you join now, you will find all the best shifts and rates the Golden State has to offer! Earn premium rewards as you book and complete shifts, as well!